Friday, February 25, 2011

Kaustuv De Biswas

Design field dplay
kaustuv de biswas
Another Indian who is doing research works in the field of Computational design. Kaustuv De Biswas aspires to influence the design culture in India both in practice and academia by promoting collaborative and interdisciplinary grounds for design research. As a step forward he has recently co-founded an experimental design firm "dplay", which seeks to drive a progressive design culture by providing thought leadership, creating collaborative design platforms and enabling non-standard artifacts in the domains of architecture, product design and urban design. Their current projects range from a tower inspired by old school game Tetris, to mass-customization mobility solutions for disabled micro entrepreneurs, to a cloud based design software set to radicalize the nature of collaboration in design.
Kaustuv's core expertise is in design computation and his PhD dissertation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology investigates computational frameworks for future design tools. Leveraging his expertise in technology, Kaustuv has previously been a consultant/adviser to several international architectural practices like Morphosis, Norman Fosters and dECOi integrating state of the art computation in their work flow. He has been a research associate at Bentley Systems, where he was instrumental in integrating environmental performance analysis features with Generative Components, a leading parametric design tool. His collaborative work with MVRDV on a democratic urban planning platform radicalizes the politic and process of design and has been exhibited in Rotterdam (2007) and Venice (2008) Biennale.
Kaustuv has also taught numerous workshops and seminars in leading universities/schools such as MIT, Harvard, Architectural Association (London), Columbia University and Georgia Tech introducing advanced computational techniques to design students. Over the years, his belief in the importance of community has led him to create successful idea sharing forums at MIT and mentor thesis students at MIT, Stanford University, Jadavpur University (India) and School of Planning and Architecture (India).

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