Wednesday, February 16, 2011

emerging culture of odisha, now swapnil and mandakini in chak dhoom dhoom 2

chak dhoom dhoom 
sudarshan pattnaik(sand artist), prince dance group from berhampur, manas kumar sahoo and groups (sand art), then harihar das for his most flexible and magical steps and now the swapnil and mandakini in chak dhoom dhoom season 2.
what a trend, now odisha is showing to the world. splendid, simply awesome.
now odisha has got a stand in the country and the globe such that, whenever the world needs a performer, they are bound to peep into odisha.
its a great achievement for our odisha people, that we odia people are capable of getting into the world arena of art and culture. the world now has seen the potentials of odisha people and their culture values.
my hearty congratulation to all the winners and participants of odisha, who are showcasing their performance to the world. ALL THE BEST!!

these are the links which may some people need to vote or know more about them:

1.sudarshan pattnaik
or sudarshan pattnaik

2.prince dance group

3.manas kumar sahoo and group

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