Sunday, January 30, 2011

is this racism has no end? indian students are forced to wear radio collars in US

its not too late when indian students were tortured and some even were murdered brutally by some australian students that now the US holds the tug in their hand. why still there is racism all over the world?
why can't we treat everyone equally. now the US students of tri-valley are forcing the indian students to wear radio collars. what a inhuman activity? 
really ignominious act. the US govt. should look after these intolerable activities australian activity though sometime seems sensible as both the countries were sometime equally involved in tortures etc. but in this activity of US students against indian students don't look sensible and tolerable. though the indian govt. is providing every possible help to those suffering, but the question is when these kind of inhuman activities going to end? or this racism has no end?

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