Tuesday, January 18, 2011

campus in engineering colleges- sheer match fixing

IT company kept the cutoff 60%, just for the sake of saying, kept the mark. completely meaningless and ruthless.
it was decided much earlier by the management of our college and the campus, that to whom they are going to recruit and whom to not. nothing is in your hand. student is just the tied goat waiting for the time he/she is going to cut.
no preparedness or your knowledge is required, everything is done by the money and power. if you will be having a luck which suits the management than wait for the escape.
now your money and power counts more than your ability. 
when these IT companies are going to nurture the true talents?

we talk lot about our country, our politicians our players and celebrities. they are such and such, they are corrupt they are this and that. with every angle we can. but this is not limited to this, now i found in each and every corner and phase of life we are cheated. this is the way india is moving ahead hoping for the transformation and globalization. we can't achieve anything until we are cleaned. india needs brain quality and not quantity to get a status of the developed nation. 
    this article is seriously the gabbling or frustration after disqualification from and IT companies written test. if one says that some of the disqualified people have scored even more than 90%, which is 30% higher than cut off, it will not be wrong!...
corruption is everywhere and there is no one to check it.
is there any one listening?

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