Friday, January 28, 2011

BJP flag hoisting at laal chowk

bharatiya janta party seems to need a tuition to be in the the opposition. how cheaply they are behaving is really intolerable. now they have raised the issue of hosting the flag at laal chowk(jammu and kashmir) with a hope to revive the 1992 flashes. where this BJP government sleeping for six years 1998 to 2003. during their reign they have lost their nation love and suddenly their love for mother nation has erupted, when jammu and kashmir is facing the tremor. 
they are saying if this flag can pass through 12 states freely and can be greeted by them so heartly then why this kashmir a different?
so here it is guys, it is well known that jammu and kashmir is the most suffered state in india. people of their are always in a risk of getting killed by either of the countries bullets may be india or pakistan. still they are surviving with a hope that they will be free sometime. now just let them think whatever they think, come to our point of being the state to be our part of nation india. still what a mother does if one of her child become outrageous or wounded or burned or is suffering trauma from any kind of ailment. mother will take care of that child and will try to be safe with her not disturbing her as much as possible she can. she won't put her fingers on her child's wound to ensure that the child won't get hurt. this is the way a human treat a part of his own, if the part get affected to something. 
treating the part with an action which is not good to it should not be imitated,this may create problem to it, and this can never be a good solution.
so its time for the party to behave in a good manner.
the present scenario of politics is just like we don't have any other alternative. "something is better than nothing" policy is running across the country. neither the congress nor the BJP is doing the right things.
scams scams scams! every day we are getting a new list of scams during this congress reign. still we don't have any other alternative. others too are the same, neither of the parties are good enough to vote for.

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