Saturday, December 4, 2010

SHUVU ROY: US-based Indian, develops first artificial kidney

An US based indian origin researcher Shuvu Roy has created the world's first implantable artificial kidney. what is sensational about roy's creation is that the organ,not larger than the size of a coffee cup,will be able to mimic the kidney's most vital functions like filtering toxins out of the bloodstream,regulate the blood pressure and produce the all important vitamins like vitamin D.

the artificial kidney has been tested successfully on animals and its human trials are expected to be held over the next five years. once available and if affordable,this creation of roy led team at university of california will do away with the need for kidney dialysis.

this will be a boon for the patients suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD). in india, of about 1.5 lac patients of CKD, only 3500 are able to get kidney transplanted and 6000-10,000 opt for dialysis. the rest perish thanks to the acute shortage of dialysis centres in india and nephrologist to man them.

CKD is rising at a rapid rate in india and the majority of those who perish are either unable to find a suitable organ for transplantation or are unable to pay for the high high dialysis cost.

the university of california is now waiting for the approval to conduct larger scale trials on animals and humans.
roy said already he has conducted trials on dozens of rats and various animals and have got the satisfactory results.

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