Friday, December 31, 2010

saying hello to indian web products

namaste atithi!
a very good season to you,
                            in the midst of playing farm ville on facebook, i thought why i'm playing this game on facebook, which belongs to mark zuckerberg. why not any indian social website? where if every indian net users start playing it would have 100 million users in a year. and that can make india richer by multi-multi millions.
why i'm paying zuckerberg if i can pay to reliance industries through my contributions. which made me decide to search for indian farm ville and i got
going more detailed study on websites i found we have many many more indian websites which are far more better and lucrative and user friendly. then why a foreign website? think??????
similarly the case goes with the browsers too, we have indian epic browser which is much superior than internet explorer or rockmelt kind of browsers available. why not an indian browser created by alok bhardwaj in hidden reflex.
i remember our father of nation who had told us to boycott the foreign articles and use our own articles whatever kind they are. and now when we have superior quality products why still we are going for importing foreign articles.
indians people it's high time we should go for indian market. we are much large enough to run our own world. at least  use available products of india. i'm neither a communist nor a socialist as chinese but democratic who believes "yes we too can". do you think like me. then promote our indian products and make india richer with little most effort by you.

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