Friday, December 31, 2010

katrina kaif New dream girl of bollywood

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namaste atithi!
          watching "sheilla ki jawani" on 'tees maar khan', what a rare phenomenon. the song is truly one of the best choreographed and the film is adversely screen played. what a historical bogus movie. but what i'm, about to say here is not about "sheilla ki jawani" or teest maar khan but its about our beloved extremely beautiful, charming and sizzling hot katrina kaif. what a lady. awesome!!!!
one of her real life dialogue i say, i remember is that. she told that "if i started caring about all the criticism i may fell ill, so i don't care for all the criticisms."
absolutely correct! we are not here to bother every criticism but to do our task and cherish our dreams. when she had told this, she was a struggling actress in bollywood. now see the difference she is now on the top chart.
katrina kaif is an actress who deserves more accolades than she is still getting. she in an industry where every new girl has to expose to survive, she has maintained and restricted her to exposing to a limit which is digest able. with having a bad start with "c" grade movies like 'boom' , she is now completely changed and improved. without having a good hindi tongue, she is still surviving with the full fledged abounding activities and love.
                   this shows that nothing is impossible if you have a strong will and determination. you will certainly going to rock the world. with all these i think she is justifiable to the above title of being the new dream girl of bollywood.
                                             GOD BLESS YOU "KATRINA KAIF"!!

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