Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chandrasekhar Panda and Saswat Swain developed affordable Data Card and Laptops

chandrasekhar panda and saswat swain
These two graduates +Chandrasekhar Panda and +Saswat Swain of techno school have developed a 3G technology based data card that can provide high speed internet connectivity using any mobile phone GSM network at a very low cost.
The data card IWE-BLEAF can also be used as a storage device, provide access to over 150 TV channels and also a wifi hotspot providing internet access to 300 laptops and 30 cell phones at a time. they have been working on this project since the last three months. they say:"we thought of having one gadget which can give access to multiple technology in one device at an affordable price."
Saswat Swain explains it as, "one has to insert a sim card of any mobile network in the 3G data card which is a pen-drive like device, then use it in personal computer or laptop to access internet facility."
cost of the device would be just Rs. 1300/- and it will provide a speed of 7.2 MBPS.

They have applied for the patent rights of their innovation and sought financial help from the central and state government for large scale manufacturing of the device.

After the huge success of their affordable Data Card, they developed affordable laptops just at Rs. 5000

Updated: Now Chandrasekhar Panda is with Tech Mahindra Ltd, Bangalore. Know more about him @Chandrasekhar Panda.
Saswat Swain is now Consultant with Department of Electronics & Information Technology,Govt of India.

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