Friday, November 26, 2010

why scams in india? why corruption?

while returning back from waltier, i confronted with a swedish on the next berth of me. he was reading the leading newspaper of our country india, then he folded his newspaper and sat relaxed thinking into the vicinity.
i was constantly watching him and he was skipping the eye contact with me for an hour or so. suddenly after an eye contact he hurriedly asked me, "won't you wanna feel free and live life like kings?" i took some time to respond, while i was making my postures right i was thinking of his words, recollected them and then thought over it till i get settled.
i replied -"yes, of course who wouldn't? want to have so?"
then how these level of corruption are series every day?
the amount of corruption is so high that if it's properly distributed, your country can have the living standard much more than that of singapore and australia and the happiness level would be beyond denmark's.
i just left speechless, i skipped his question and reached home. while going to sleep i thought of that swedish question and searched a reply to it.
what actually is the problem, why these scams?
who is the culprit? and how to solve it?
problem is the lack of believe that we(indian) too can be a developed, or if even we get developed who is going to survive till that day?
so its better to live our life earning by any crook means, live a lavish life in a developing country, why to think of a starving idea of development which is too far from now.
culprits are none other than our own un-visioned  aimless life style.we don't care to have an aim and serve it. it's better to earn your livelihood, if possible earn more by saving taxes and go abroad for a chilling holidays or even for settling down there.
time is to change these thoughts, mostly our high post authorities, ministers of scams, just for a second think differently and just for the sake of your lovely mother, your mother nation india, think that how you can be a part of really transforming developed india.
you will get your answers right there. gold is not everything glory and god too exist, its time to give some glory to our nation.
if we love our mothers we too should love our mother nation, and help her to be a developed one.
believe in yourself, believe in your credentials and potentials, it's really not difficult to transform india into a developed one, we have to take a step. 
just need a resonating drive, create a resonance so the earth will shake.
कन्धों से मिलते हैं कंधे क़दमों से कदम मिलते हैं, हम चलते हैं जब ऐसे तो दिल दुश्मन के हिलते हैं!

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