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imran khan
Now we all know that men do have a feminine side to them, but does that make them pansy? It's interesting to note that women take men more seriously when they do not go out of their way to draw attention. So the metrosexual guys with a cool attitude are leading the male brigade in all domains – friend, boyfriend, husband, brother, father or boss, who do not believe in being forceful unnecessarily. Even movies have taken the hint and flicks like "Wake Up Sid", "Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na", "Twilight" or even the " Harry Potter" series, do not portray the hero as over-the-top smart.

Keeping things gentle
To stretch the imagination further, even superheroes like Spiderman and Superman were down-to-earth in their reel real lives! So, being well behaved, soft spoken, flashing a smile, showing emotions whenever required and being subtle are attributes that the modern man is no longer shying away from. Singer Shaan, who has always been branded as the 'nice guy', says, "Women do not want to get into a fling with a nice guy as they feel they are boring and sentimental. So, I ended up marrying Radhika at the age of 28. But I don't think I have missed out on anything as I prefer to be a nice guy rather than a heartbreaker."

Recently, a high-drama reality show on the television "Emotional Atyachaar" created quite a stir. Young people in relationships were putting their partners on loyalty tests. Most of the guys who were found out to be cheaters, had personalities that came across as rowdy and brash. Model Angad Bedi, who had hosted the first season of the show, shares, "Gone are the days of being the male-chauvinist pig, today it is about equality among the sexes. Since women are now more independent, and not the archetypal 'provider', guys are trying to be a good listener instead, and this is a happy change." 

Looking effortless 
The new breed of well-groomed men are stepping away from the number game of six-pack abs and are in fact sporting an effortless, cool and casual look. It is this attitude that is getting women hooked as they can relate to their partners better. So, dressing casually in denims and tees, and going for a razor-cut hair or even a bald pate, sporting an unshaved beard and putting on a pair of specks are no longer being considered 'uncool'. In fact, it is this carefree attitude that is coming across as more de-stressing since the guys do not have to try too hard to look 'Mr Perfect'. So the low maintenance, boy-next-door actually clicks with women quite effortlessly.

MTV VJ and actor Rannvijay believes, "Men these days are more relaxed and comfortable in their out-of-bed look but they need the right attitude to carry it off – to keep things stylish instead of clumsy. And as far as impressing women is concerned, it is the behaviour that needs to be more prim and proper rather than the clothes."

Melting the heart
Women may drool over the hunk, but it is the nice guy who eventually wins more hearts. Shah Rukh Khan got more applause for his character of Surinder in "Rab Ne Banadi Jodi" than his alter ego – Raj. Angelina Jolie had shared with a popular magazine recently that what makes Brad Pitt sexy is the way he fathers her children. So even if a casanova may hit it off very well initially, the new age women are smart enough to settle for a more composed guy eventually. '

Model Candice Pinto concludes, "It's true that women get drawn to the cool and chilled- out guys as they are easy to handle. Though the level of expectations of modern women from their guys may shoot sky-high, once in love they do give in to the fact that 'Mr Right' may not be 'Mr Perfect'.


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Mother, giver of ease

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