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macho's out gentle's in:Trends

Now we all know that men do have a feminine side to them, but does that make them pansy? It's interesting to note that women take men more seriously when they do not go out of their way to draw attention. So the metrosexual guys with a cool attitude are leading the male brigade in all domains – friend, boyfriend, husband, brother, father or boss, who do not believe in being forceful unnecessarily. Even movies have taken the hint and flicks like "Wake Up Sid", "Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na", "Twilight" or even the " Harry Potter" series, do not portray the hero as over-the-top smart.
Keeping things gentle To stretch the imagination further, even superheroes like Spiderman and Superman were down-to-earth in their reel real lives! So, being well behaved, soft spoken, flashing a smile, showing emotions whenever required and being subtle are attributes that the modern man is no longer shying away from. Singer Shaan, who has always been branded as the '…

who is Arundhati Roy ?

updated: Arundhati in news today-"The demand that Lokpal should cover PMO to the lowest government officer will create a second oligarchy".
"Anna's fast will not help solve crisis"-roy on hindu.

Arundhati Roy (born 24 November 1961) is an Indian novelist, essayist and activist who focuses on issues related to social justice and economic inequality. She won the Booker Prize in 1997 for her novel, The God of Small Things, and has also written two screenplays and several collections of essays. Her writings on various social, environmental and political issues have been a subject of major controversy in India.

For her work as an activist she received the Cultural Freedom Prize awarded by the Lannan Foundation in 2002.

Arundhati Roy was born in Shillong, Meghalaya, India, to a Keralite Syrian Christian mother, the women's rights activist Mary Roy, and a Bengali father, Ranjit Roy, a tea planter by profession.

She spent her childhood in Aymanam in Kerala, and wen…

God's own country Kerala

Kerala got country's first tourist seaplane service that would enable tourist of Kerala to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the 'God's Own Country' through easy connectivity to distant backwater destinations.Updates on Kerala:
The service launched on 2nd June, 2013 and was flagged off by the then CM of Kerala Oommen Chandy.
This seaplane service would be between Ashtamudi Lake and Punnamada in Alappuzha.

Kerala or popularly known as "God's own country" is the southern most state in India. It is located on the south-western region of the country. The state was created on 1st November 1956, with the passing of the States Re-organisation Act bringing together the areas where Malayalam was the dominant language. The state has an area of 38,863 sq km and is bordered by Karnataka to the north, Tamil Nadu to the south and the east and the Lakshadweep Sea towards the west.
Thiruvananthapuram is the largest as well as the capital city of the state Kerala. Kochi and Koz…

why scams in india? why corruption?

while returning back from waltier, i confronted with a swedish on the next berth of me. he was reading the leading newspaper of our country india, then he folded his newspaper and sat relaxed thinking into the vicinity. i was constantly watching him and he was skipping the eye contact with me for an hour or so. suddenly after an eye contact he hurriedly asked me, "won't you wanna feel free and live life like kings?" i took some time to respond, while i was making my postures right i was thinking of his words, recollected them and then thought over it till i get settled. i replied -"yes, of course who wouldn't? want to have so?" then how these level of corruption are series every day? the amount of corruption is so high that if it's properly distributed, your country can have the living standard much more than that of singapore and australia and the happiness level would be beyond denmark's. i just left speechless, i skipped his question and reached home.…

the world largest frog is as big as a housecat

The goliath frog is native to the rainforests of Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea in western Africa. This titanic amphibian measures up to 12.5 inches in length and can weigh up to 7.2 pounds. These frogs have actually roamed the Earth for 250 million years - before the dinosaurs! And in case you were wondering, goliath frog tadpoles are no larger than regular ones - they just grow a lot larger and longer than a typical frog!

There really aren’t very many goliath frogs anymore. They are now endangered, mostly due to human activity. Since they are so large they make an excellent source of food. It’s against the law to hunt goliath frogs, but people still do it anyway. The larger fully-grown adult frogs are the ones that are hunted the most, which has contributed to lower birth rates.

keshav dhanukar

Keshava's Early life
Keshav was born in Auroville at Puducherry to Gopika Dahanukar. Keshav is the grandson of painter, Prafulla Dahanukar.Keshav started learning tabla when he was two years old.

Keshava's Career
Keshav was spotted by Bharat Bala at an event, while he was conceiving Rhythms of India, the first item of the Delhi Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.

Small wonder: Seven-year-old Keshav enthrals audience at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi on Sunday.

NEW DELHI: Audiences across the country were charmed when they saw cherubic seven-year-old Keshav expertly drumming his little fingers on the tabla with a wide grin on his face, his curly hair bobbing with obvious enjoyment while performing at “Rhythms of India,” the opening event of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) opening ceremony here on Sunday.

Akshay Raj Google Doodle to go live on Google homepage

Akshay Raj A Mangalore-based 14-year-old student's Doodle has been chosen from over 1 lakh entries from the country and will go live on Google India home page on Sunday to mark Children's Day.

Akshay Raj, a class IX student of St Aloysius High School, Mangalore, is the winner for this year's 'Doodle 4 Google' competition, a release issued by the company said.

His Doodle 'Technically and Naturally Growing India' was chosen from over 1,08,000 sketches submitted by students from across the country and was selected on the basis of artistic merit, creativity, and expression of the theme.

The winning Doodle would go live on the Google India home page on Sunday. Raj will also receive a Technology Starter Package and Rs. 2 lakh, technology grant for his school, the release said.

It took 90 days and over 1 lakh entries for the country to get its second 'made in India' Doodle. Dennis Hwang - the Master Doodler  and Jennifer Hom  the creative force behind the…

prithviraj chavan

NEW DELHI: A little after noon on Wednesday when Prithviraj Chavan came to Parliament for a quick round of goodbyes, he was thronged by MPs — congratulations were in order, but a number of them tugged him aside to offer some advice. Affable and accessible, he seemed easy with all the attention.

''He would win a popularity contest here hands down,'' said a veteran scribe. But Mumbai is not the Central Hall and Chavan, who's assignments included MoS in PMO, is aware of the difference. He knows his grip over the nitty-gritty of local politics isn't that strong; but he knows his strengths too.

When Manmohan Singh introduced his ministers after UPA 2 assumed office, Chavan's credentials ran on for so long that the embarrassed leader tried to sit down midway only to be directed to rise by Sonia Gandhi who seemed to take a jestful dig at his discomfiture. It was clear enough to who he owned his prominence.