Monday, August 16, 2010

what lies in the name

What lies in the name- just below the quotation we find Shakespear.
Is the statement radical or ironical? Do you think this statement has any meaning these days?
Absolutely absurd quote at least in today’s world. Where everything from the micro level to huge articles like bungee jumping machine and its rope etc. Almost every article runs by its name. we go by name, we trust by name and we feel secured by name.
Film star aamir khan produced a movie named peepli [live], housefull, aamir khan tweets in twitter asking how was the movie, thousands of appraisals queued up. Though in true sense the movie was not upto the mark, to be shown for commercial purpose. He again, (lets mention the name as everything lies in name its aamir khan) posted how was peepli [live], in his facebook account thousands of liked comments gushed within hour of posting.  Its not that all the comments were pseudo-hallucination. But may be some were? Its because now the film is categorized in a flop. Kites though get a tag of flop film, but it recovered its production cost only because of its name-hrithik roshan.
We buy books by author names blindly without knowing about the content its only because of names.
 What I’m talking about is films, dramas, books,products almost every gadgets which are sold or are running, are only because of their name. we don’t believe or trust anymore rather say don’t  want to take risk on any anonymous. We buy branded attires blindly just by their name.
We buy apple gadgets, we believe in paypal security, link locks, ISI/ISO mark food articles like haldiram just by name.
We are no more in the shakesperian era. We are much far from his time and from his arena of thoughts. No more hooking remained. Goodbye shakespear!!!! Love me…
ataul haque

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