Thursday, August 12, 2010

journalism a supporting hand

What if that Kevin carter the winner of Pulitzer award for the file photo taken during sudan famine 1994 would have taken that little boy with him and would have admitted him into a hospital?
There are lot many more examples of what if like the above one? Chuhiya of bihar for UNICEF etc. What if many hundreds of reporters who are reporting about these under privileged just share a little amount of whatever they earn from showing the report in TV  through TRP, web pages through their traffic and newspaper  mill owners  through their news sale. If a particular news of about any person who is so under privilege is shown by 10 news channels and if all the tv news channels zero ground reporter donates a meagre amount of Rupees 1000 or Rupees 500 each, that person is now richer by 5000 to 10000 rupees. And i think in a country like india, this is enough for that person to live his life for four months comfortably. Leaving all the rest favours if provided to him by many NGOs’ , news report viewers, many local and central fundings.
Why media?
If it becomes a trend to support these kind of people through media, i think media can reach deeply and very accurately to the epicentres of causes. Today the most vivid branching is of media, so media can play a major role in the advancement of our slums and many other underprivileged.
What exactly media doing?
Media for the trp’s is showing those news which are related to celebrities, tv serials, film critics and ratings of songs, contaminated food in parliament. What the particular MP said about the food he ate last night. They think this to be more important than the primary school boy who died of food poisoning during school lunch. Media is the most exaggerating form of any criticism, if they come to criticise they don’t spare the lord Ram. Conversely if they come to appreciate or praise even the nullified, frivolous  piece comes as the cynosure.
Who should media be answerable to?
There should be some more community or organisations, who should be vigilant to the media. More awards and prizes like RTI awards should be organised and given to the most suitable and qualified.  
What media should not do?
Showing the tremors developing between the local and national parties, turmoil created between the two communities. showing a small video clip of any curtain going towards the khwaja garib nawaj’s majar sharif and calling a maulana from durool uloom for its advocacy and a video expert who believes it to be a false claim. Media should avoid showing news of babas claiming 12 years of tapasya and doing supernatural works. These are of no use to common people, why should one waste time in watching these dhongi babas.
What should media do?
Media should be looking towards the innovative ideas, daily research papers, daily science developments and projects which are presented by various people in different respective fields. Various laws implemented daily globally and various job offers provided by the different companies. Irrespective of common news, if total hours be divided categorically slot wise for specific viewers or readers that will be much better than the present scenario of news channel formats. 

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