Friday, July 16, 2010

nasovac indigenous vaccine for H1N1

14th july was a big day in the country’s pharmaceutical history when the first indigenous intra-nasal vaccine was launched on Mumbai. Its pune based makers insisted that a dose of 0.5ml of the vaccine Nasovac-delivered directly to the nasal cavity –would guard the person against the worrisome H1N1 virus for a period of over a year or even two.
But the painless may be of no use to the sections who are the most vulnerable to the H1N1 virus, namely pregnant women, infants and people with compromised immunity who are the worst affected.
“the nasal vaccine is safe and easy to administer and meant for children over three years of age as well for the elderly,” said serum institute of india executive director (operations) Adar C poonawala at Wednesdays launch.
Swine flu has killed over 1000 people across the country since its entry in may 2009. It was almost inactive in the summer months before returning a month ago, killing 19 people. It remains to be seen whether the Rs 160/- for a short nasal vaccine will be widely used or stay in the cold storage like its conventional counter part-the injectable swine flu vaccine that was introduced in the market over two moths ago.

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