Wednesday, July 14, 2010

life goes on...

Life goes on...

As  everyone says life goes on, rethink, rewind, retake
 Your life, behind the scenes of insipidity. i arose took my pen
Scribbled, scrapped, written down.
The heinous the frivolous for many, the criminal ground,
Zero spot. Ah, alas! Where m i wasting, why i’m wasting
My time, my life, my moments my glare.
The unbillowing, stagnant, lethargic remnants
Stowing the rags in a heap, making it cushion, the child
Slept, on it.
Moving ahead, large heap of black coal tar like water
Sheltering the larger mass, surviving on that coal tar type,
Dihydrogen oxide.
The day stood, brightens the baby cried, mum relinquished
The only source to feed her heart, her apple of the eye.
He will change my fate, he will earn, he will extinguish my
Hidden burns.....
The man with the glowy, shiny, fully dazzling, glary torn
Shirt over the black heavily mudded t-shirt inside.
The days go by, life goes by, they go by, we go by,
Who sets std. Comes stand, then again go by. Life goes by.
                                                         by ataul haque

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