Thursday, May 6, 2010

shukla bose parikrama

Shukla Bose founded the Parikrama schools -- a system for poor children in India that gives individual attention and gets spectacular results. From the TEDIndia stage, her story inspired and warmed the hearts of the audience. Here's what they had to say:

Shukla Bose at TEDIndia: Objective of Parikrama: To prepare the children from the slums for global living -- infosys

Shukla Bose - a touching story about the "human condition" - this is the most optimistic story so far -- Udindex

Shukla Bose: Teachers are not just teachers. They are also parents. Kids need a nurturing relationship. -- kokoe2

Quite inspirational!! Q - One key idea to spread ? Shukla Bose A - Educate the teachers!!! -- dina

Bose gets a standing ovation! OMG so touching, so inspiring, beyond words!

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