Saturday, March 13, 2010

women reservation bill

women reservation bill, took its shape. are we really happy with the reservation don't matter. according to me what matter is that women have their rights to seat in parliament, if they want to exercise their rights we should not barred them. it's now their turn to exercise, how they do it. our constitution is for all and we all should abide by the costitutional norms.
another aspect to view the bill is to see whether the womens who have given the authority, have taken this advantage for the empowerment of women or not.
Is it clear that women actually help other women when they are in power. Did women advance by leaps and bounds in Tamil Nadu when Jayalalitha was in charge? Has Mayawati been good for the women of UP? And if it was simply a question of gender then why did Indian women not advance dramatically from 1967 to 1984 when Indira Gandhi was in charge (except for the brief Janata interregnum)? Contrast how much women advanced in India during the period when the country was run by a woman with the strides made by American women during exactly the same period and you will see that the progress of women in society is entirely unrelated to the gender profile of Parliament.
I’ve heard many debates on the issue over the last decade and yet I have found nothing to make me change my mind. In fact, the only notable development of the last few years is that a number of successful, well-educated and otherwise liberated women have come out against the Bill on the grounds that it ghetto-izes women, forcing them to stand for election against each other.
objections the three Yadavs have to the Bill and not one of those objections has anything to do with the arguments I outlined above. These men represent the worst prejudices of the Hindi heartland and their record in politics has always been one that emphasises the chauvinist male over the interests of women. I could not possibly accept their argument for reservation-within-reservation with the special claims for Dalits and backwards. More to the point, I don’t think that even they believed their rhetoric. These were mere excuses. Their main objection was to the very empowerment of women.
i don't support yadavs either ,but yeah i'm in a position to say that, whatever has done is by no means can be called a wrong step. we have to abide by the law and should support the bill and most importantly have to wait and watch for the dayz to come, whether women really enjoys their right or not. they can change the scenario of present politics or not?

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