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chipmunk effect

when audio recordings are played more quickly than normal. both the pitch and the formants are transposed, whereas the ear usually expects the pitch to be transposed independently of the formants. this phenomenon of sound is known as chipmunk effect.

oasis of the seas

the largest ship of the world. almost 40% larger than any other ship in the world has been all set to start its trip from 5th december 2009. it is just like a palace having 21 swimming pools, 4 royal saloons and 5 shopping malls. garden for children, galleries for adults. research oriented things are also available in this ship only. this ship is 14 storied. it is 1186 mtrs long and 257 mtr high. there is a lift for every suite to go on any floor.
its simply a grea palace.
total manufacturing cost of this ship is 1.44 billion dollar.
cost of travelling in this ship is approx 2000 euro- $.