Monday, November 2, 2009


it is the application of multimedia retrival system where we can store the information(image, graphics, audio,vedio, animation).
example:-www.(world wide web)
it is the collection of webpage build by w3c consortium.
: colon to separate the protocol from the url locator.
//directory structure(escape sequence).
. used as separator
FTP-file transfer protocol.
features of hypermedia:-
it has multiple media.
it has limited interactivity.
no synchronisation is required.
on checking some words on the website we can go to the source website, where it is stored.

it is a link to other websites or the other pages in the same website.

these are formatted text created by a language called h.t.m.l(hyper text mark up language). this text is basically used for the transfer of information on the internet.

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