Monday, November 2, 2009

colour fundamentals

color is one of the most powerful elements in design, it has tremendous impact and expressive quality.
*a color is described basically in three ways.
(i)by its name(hue a property).
(ii)how pure or desaturated it is(saturation level).
(iii)its value or lightness.
(a) HUE-hue is a term for the pure spectrum colors,commonly referred to by the "COLOR NAMES."
*red, orange,yellow,green,blue an violet-all appear in the hue circles or color spectrum.
*theoretically all colors can be mix from 3 basic hues known as, the primary colors(hue).

(b)saturation-saturation or purity refers to the intensity of a specific hue or color.

(c)lightness-value is defined as the relative lightness(tint), or darkness(shade) of a color.

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