Wednesday, October 14, 2009

sweet pain of separation

i beckon the breeze brushing me pass
cold winter air on my chest
the wall inside are lit up with contrast
i ponder tonight in loneliness

the light beyond the comatose corridors
surpassing the dark windows and leaves
remind me of my presence in desire
that the demutre solitude achieves

the loyal moon travels the starry sky
silent warmth in her creamy glow
sober softness in her parlance
message they be for the heavens to show

i walk up to the sleepy balcony
my sane presence is not welcome here
where madness resigned the spirits hours ago
now i'm not with my friends here.

i invite their voices through the breeze
i invite their smiles through the moon
i question their presence to the trees
none of them answer

but i heard the spirits which stayed with me
their shadows still i could not see
i feel the sweet pain of separation
they must be talking about me.
by arijit mukherjee

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