Wednesday, October 14, 2009

obama got nobel prize 2009

BBC North America editor Mark Mardell said “There was a huge weight of responsibility on Obama’s shoulders, and this medal hung round his neck has just made it a little heavier.” ofcourse now he is loaded with a huge weight of responsibility of mending the americas health care and to improve the american currency. not only this he has to prove that he is really the best suited candidate for the nobel peace prize. from the day to his appearance to the media, he is in the limelight always on the topcover and is among the toplist candidates in every article and magazines. what is the reason why he is so famous and known. is that he is a black man, only the reason. no ofcourse not. he has many reasons for his success. he has made history. he has been compared with abraham lincoln and many more greatest personalities of their times. actually he deserves those accolades. he is regarded as the peace maker and a revolutionary legend. he has not done any great job which he is supposed to do so. but still he is named as a revolutionary legend.

if it is the matter of a nobel prize, which has been honoured to him, with a thinking that he has taken many promises and oaths to so some jobs in near future seems baseless. but i think this will surely give him a moral support and boost his confidence to a great height to achieve his ambitions. it seems that nobel prize is honoured him to provide him a back support, creating a kind of history or landmark that a person is honoured nobel prize in the expectation that he will do something great and peaceful act in near future for the betterment of the whole world.

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