Wednesday, October 7, 2009

gandhi jayanti at stake

gandhi jayanti at stake
Oct, 07 '09 Subject: gandhi jayanti's holiday, Viewed by: 0
i too agree with the words of shashi tharoor, that instead of giving a holiday it should be a working day. with a little modification that the day should be a half working day and rest of the day should be utilised properly for the rememberance of gandhiji and his principles and thoughts.
he was really a great freedom fighter of having a sword of non violence, philosopher, thinker, a great lawyer and many more aspects of great personality. he should be regarded as an icon till now, everyone should pay a homage and tribute for his contribution, in that regard we have to celebrate his birthday with a motto to spread knowledge and nonviolence.
this day 2nd october is known almost by all indians. but some know him with a reason that they get a holiday on this day, without knowing the actual reason why they are getting it.
so if i would be given the chance to speak over it i'm strongly in favour of the thought that holiday should be given but partially, that it should be a half working day.

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