Wednesday, October 14, 2009

fleeting time

the drizzle in the eve of monsoon
wind passes through the open window
covering the fair face with her dry hair
wetting the parched heart with living relics

she stumbled on her mirthful childhood
with fairy tales and horse ridden prince with breathless venture

she passed quickly the dream laden adolescence
where life foresaw rainbows,thunders,rose-petals
and nails

she embraced the time with creamy night
kissed the 'Real' pleasant and gleaming
time became short-days to hours and hours to minutes

till a gale broke the soft feathers of her flying wings
alone, forlon, beaten and crippled. only limitless woes
and deepest mourn left her to a blank ether,
boundless sea and solitary journey,friendliness and loveless.

the flowing tear tear and pale face, the weeping lips and deep sighs

the sleepless eyes eyes and blank sky
the griefladen rain with tearful sobs
fills her life with unending pine.

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