Wednesday, October 7, 2009

abolishment of 10th board

abolishment of 1oth board .
this is not the abolishment, but it is making 10th board an optional. this step seems to be good. but i think, this should have been implemented before. though its not too late to be implemented.
i think this act will surely reveal some more talents of our country.this will give more opportunity to the talented guys who are really in need of some sort of time and environment in their earlier life time so that they can achieve their dreams. when these talents are nurtured according to their own will, it will surely help our india to develop faster and will help our country to reach our dream of developed nation within 2020.
as vivekananda had told that:-
“Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man”
it is not the implementation of knowledge, which is evenly given to everyone whether that person like it or not.
education should be such that it should give perfection to the individual, what the individual is having in terms of his talent and brilliancy.

why it took this much of time to implement this step.even when it's our own evolved thought said by an eminent thinker of our own country had said it so earlier.
any how, whatever this step, took time but atlast it has been taken, this is the main point of discussion, i hope this step will be implemented soon.

atlast this step will surely help our own indigenous talents to come out and to show their talents.
if this step will be implemented new system of education will have 10th exam with only one board and is based on the percentile system.

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