Tuesday, September 15, 2009


this is a place where you will get sms hi sms

1-badalon se salam leta hun,

waqt ka hath tham leta hun,maut bhi ruk jati hai pal bhar ke liyejab tera daman tham leta hun.

2-success is not masured by the position one has reached in life,rather by the obstacles one overcame while trying to succceed.

3-zindagi mohtaz nahi manjilon ki,waqt har manzil dikha haimarta nahi koi kisi ki judai mein,waqt sabko jina sikha deta hai.

4-a bird sitting on a branch does not get frightened by the shaking branches,b'coz bird trust not the branch but its own wing.

5-do chizon se bani hai ye dunya,

thodi himmat thoda dum

do lamhon se bani hai ye zindagi

thodi khusi thoda gum

do chizo se bani hai ye dosti

1aap 1hum.

6-the mind of a true friend is like the lines of a railway tracks.

they never meet, they never cross, but they always go longway


7-eyes are the way to luv,heart is the heaven of luv,dreamz are the outcome of luv,heartbeat are the muzzik of love,but don't forget tears are the result of luv

r u still loving any1?

8-we may easily forget the person with whom we loughed and enjoyed. but we never forget the person with whom we cried and share our feelings.

9-agar tu parayon ki sunega to haar jayega,hum jaisa pyar fir kahan payega.jaan dene ki baat to saB KARTE HAIN,JINDAGI banane wala kahan se payega.

10-1 sawal aapke liye,mujhse dosti karoge?

aapka jawab bhi film ka naam hi hona chahiye.sabko bhejo aur dekho kya kya jawab milte hain, pehle mujhe jawab do.

11-gadha jo khaye woh grass ho tum,buddhe aadmi ka chyawanprash ho tum,idiot,stupid,bakwas ho tum,par jo bhi ho yarr dost jhakkas ho tum.

12-tajmahal kuchh logon ke liye ajjoba hai,kuchh logon ke liye itihas hai.par mere liye ek bakwas hai, kyonki roj badalti humari mumtaj hai.

13-dream more think high,analyse twice chose the best,plan perfect be confident.work hard execute well... then success is urs.

14- fact of our life:

whenever we find the key to success,some idiots change the lock.so forget the key. learn to break the doors.

15-agar ho waqt to ek mulakat to dijiye,dil kuch kehna chahe to kuch baat to kijiye.yun to mushkil hai humse dur rehna. par ek lamha mil jaye to humen yaad to kijiye.

16-trusting in god wont make a mountain smaller,but will make climbing easier. do not ask him for a lighter load but ask him for stronger back.

17-santa in bio practical exam. professor:-tell the birds name by seeing its leg. santa:- i don't know. prfessor:- u failed

whats ur name? santa:-see my leg and tell.

18-u stole my memories i xcused u, u stole my laugh i xcused u. u stole my smile i xcused u. but it's too much mer doggie ka biscuit lauta do.every cigarrette u smoke reducess ur life by 30 sec.every peg u drink shortens ur life by 4 mins. but every

lecture u attend, reducess ur life by 1 hr. so don't attend classess.

19-what did the male dog say to the female dog in the cool nite with bright moon light.?

bow boww what else a dog can say?kisi ki yaad mein dil tadapta kyun hai,akhir ye dil kisi se pyar karta kyun hai.agar mile khuda to puchhunga usse tu akhir seene mein dil rakhta kyun hai.

20-surat unki khyalon se kyun nahi jati,nind hai ankhon mein magar kyun nahi ati.woh sath thi to maut ka khouf tha mujhko, ab main tanha hun to maut kyun nahi ati.

21-every girl is smart intelligent,sweet,talented,exellent,romantic, in short ur sister so respect them.

22-india mein kaun si devi ka prasad famous hai.


raabdi devi ka laalu prasad.

23-u r genius, ur mind is masterpiece. it is divided into two parts left and right.in ther left part nothing is right and in the right part nothing is left.

24-21st century is truly useless,communication:-wireless, cooking fireless,youth:- jobless,this msg meaningless,


25-luv test-just type ur luv space ur name ur partner name & send it to ....................................................................................

ur fathers no. he will tell ur future.

26-when u hav done somethiong wrong and u r in trouble go to ur parents for sound advice.......................................................

u'll get 99% sound, and 1% advice.

27-a baby monkey asked his mother, why r we ugly? mother said thank godwe look like thisyou should see the person reading this msg.

28-look at the ocean see gods abundance, look at the sky see gods wonder, look at themoon see gods glory, look at the mirror see gods blunder!

29-jab kisi ki taraf dil jhukne lage, baat aa kar juban tak rukne lage........................................to .....................to..........................vicks ki goli lo khich khich dur karo!

30-hi good evening.2day i saw a person looking exactly like you.i accidentally called ur name. but the person threw the banana and jumped on another tree. r u twins.

31-u can be a doctor and save lives,be a lawyer and defend lives.be a soldier and protect lives.but y to play with others life?simply be an engineer to screw up ur own life.

32-medicine & engg, principals were arguing tht there students are fearless. medical colg princy told the students to jump into a sea full of sharks. they said ok and jumpd.med princy:-c d guts.

engg colg princy called d students and told to jump,they said "tu jaa bey" engg princy:-c d guts.


33-principles of students life- luv ur bed its ur temple- relax in the day,so that u can sleep at nit.books r holy so don't touch them. don't do something tomorrow that u can do day after tomorrow.if u feel like studying, sit and wait till that feeling goes away. don't forget that studying is healthy, so leave it for sick people.

34-if d xams cum tough,cloz ur eyes 4 a moment,take deep breath and say.dis is very interesting subject, i want to study it one more year.

35-evry cigarrete u smoke reducess ur life by 30 sec's;evry peg u drink reducess ur life by 4 mins. but evry lecture u attend reducess ur life by one hour,so don't attend classess.

36-when does a friend b'comes a gud frnd. when a dialogue "i care for u" converts into "abey oye! i'll kill u if u don't care for urself';

37-"those who believe and do good,for them are garden of bliss,to abide there in"(quran 31:8,9);

38-"gift"of 'salamm"wrapped with "affection"tied with care. and sealed with "dua'' 2 keep u & ur family safe & happy always!

39-falling in love is secret ambition.. finding true love is the greatest tension... so follow the indian tradition & marry ur momm's selection..

40-be regular as clock,be fresh as rose,be soft as flower,be strong as rock, & & & & & & be bice as me! i know it's difficult, but just keep trying.

41-beautiful photos are developed by negatives in dark room;so if u see darkness in ur life. believe that god is making a beautiful future for ur life.

42-toffee & chocolates dono court mein case lad rahe the.. k zyada sweet kaun hai.dono hi case har gaye aur bahar akar puchhne lage yarr ye ......... kaun hai.

43-we spend our days waiting for the ideal path,to appear infront of us,but we forget that,,,,,,,,,,the paths are made by walking not by walking.

44-a great man once said,"new frnds may be poem,but old frnds are alphabets.dont forget alphabets or else its hard to read the poem";

45-small anger,silly fights,simple smsses,serios jokes,sensitive feelings,senseless speak,million sorrys,mixture of all the above is what we call "FRIENDSHIP".

46-wonderfull people are carefully created by god;wonderfull moments are carefully planned by god . wonderfull friends like u are carefully gifted by god.

47-in world 6 things are god's gift.1-mother luv;2 fathers advice,3 brother care;4 sister fight.5-kisi ka pyar & 6-oye apni dosti yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

48-an arrow can be sent only by pulling it back. so when life is pulling u back with difficulties, it means that its going to launch u into victory.

49-it's quiet ironic that in life the person who brings out the best quality in you.& the one who makes u strong, actually b'comes ur weakness.

50- a rain drop may look small to the eyes,but somewhere flower awaits its fall; a small sms may seems u too small, but somewhere sum1 remembers u a lot.

51-heated gold b'com ornaments,beated wire b'coms wire.depleted stones b'come statues. & tortured students b'come ENGINEERS.

52-I gets angry when sum1 teases him, but in future when he wont get such frnds 2 tease, when happy n support when needed, 2 tiny drops of all the memories slip from eyes, and that tells him true frndship of true frnds.

53-a strong bonding does not need any conversation,does not need always togetherness. as long as trust lives in the heart,true frndship never departs.

54-life is a little foolish & we are all fools, when we finds sum1 whose foolishness is equal to ours,we fall into mutual stupidity & call it "FRIENDSHIP".

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