Thursday, September 3, 2009


if india being among the least sufferers of recession is facing such traumas, we indians can well imagine with what condition must be other countries citizens are going through.
recession in india has almost broke the backbone of india's I.T sector.this year in many of the engineering colleges IT branch has been removed. now the craze of computer science has turned sour. no one wants to be a part of IT sector.
the faith over the IT sector is eloping and fading. students are reacting to the IT sector as if they have been told to jump in a deep canyon.
if this would continue for more 2-3 years can we imagine, the position of IT sectors. we will be at 60 years back. after 30 years. we may get so bored with our life that we may lose our good habits. it may happen that, we just skip surfing the nets for any new software or any new products or anything related to IT sectors.
i think this is the high time, india needs good talents to curb these menace. a great awareness program should be conducted so as to provide adequate and true facts about the recession and its ill effect. it's relation with IT sector, so as to improve the worsening condition. why our citizens are flowing through the foul air? its the time to wait for the opprtunity and to create opportunity.
IT sector has great potential in this information age. this should always be kept in our mind, so that we can't even think of ignoring IT sector due to recession.

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