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unnati ke mantra

success the first and most important step toward success is the feeling that we can succeed
successful persons can never be defeated by problems! they become masters of the situation and defeat the problem!
ones best sucess comes after their gretest dissapointments.
success seems to be connected with action.successful people keep moving.they make mistakes but they don't quit.
that some achieve great sucess,is proof that others can achieve it as well.
a sucessful life is one that is lives through understanding and pursuing one's own path, not chasing after the dreams of others. appreciation appreciation is a wonderful makes what is exellent in others belong to us as well.
a word of encouragement during a failure is more than an hour of praise after success.
the deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.
"feeling appreciated is one of the most important needs that people have. when you share with someone your appreciation and gratitude, they will not …


a true indian.: truths are still alive on earth in these forms

now you have to believe it. and i request you to nourish these truths so well that they become a symbol of truth forever. its our responsibility to strengthen and make alive our old truths prevailing.


this is a place where you will get sms hi sms

1-badalon se salam leta hun,

waqt ka hath tham leta hun,maut bhi ruk jati hai pal bhar ke liyejab tera daman tham leta hun.

2-success is not masured by the position one has reached in life,rather by the obstacles one overcame while trying to succceed.

3-zindagi mohtaz nahi manjilon ki,waqt har manzil dikha haimarta nahi koi kisi ki judai mein,waqt sabko jina sikha deta hai.

4-a bird sitting on a branch does not get frightened by the shaking branches,b'coz bird trust not the branch but its own wing.

5-do chizon se bani hai ye dunya,

thodi himmat thoda dum

do lamhon se bani hai ye zindagi

thodi khusi thoda gum

do chizo se bani hai ye dosti

1aap 1hum.

6-the mind of a true friend is like the lines of a railway tracks.

they never meet, they never cross, but they always go longway


7-eyes are the way to luv,heart is the heaven of luv,dreamz are the outcome of luv,heartbeat are the muzzik of love,but don't forget tears are the result of luv

r …

strikes in college campus.

it seems very unreal but what i have found is that strikes or intro which is most common in college campusses are really very very helpful in one's personality development. most of those shy guys you just force them to attend the strikes. i bet you will surely notice a marginal development in their personality. they will start raising their voices. the strikes not only help in personality development but also make us feel that we too are important and are recognised by the management. that is we gain a lot of self confidence their. strikes not only increase our self confidence but also compell to think us logically and ethically. strikes also makes people to know other people very clearly and in a well defined way. not only this strikes makes people relax from the tedious works and the bored routine life. now intro helps us in giving the logical and accurate answers. make us aware that we should open our mouth only when we stand for it and can support our arguments firmly. we should…


if india being among the least sufferers of recession is facing such traumas, we indians can well imagine with what condition must be other countries citizens are going through.
recession in india has almost broke the backbone of india's I.T sector.this year in many of the engineering colleges IT branch has been removed. now the craze of computer science has turned sour. no one wants to be a part of IT sector.
the faith over the IT sector is eloping and fading. students are reacting to the IT sector as if they have been told to jump in a deep canyon.
if this would continue for more 2-3 years can we imagine, the position of IT sectors. we will be at 60 years back. after 30 years. we may get so bored with our life that we may lose our good habits. it may happen that, we just skip surfing the nets for any new software or any new products or anything related to IT sectors.
i think this is the high time, india needs good talents to curb these menace. a great awareness program should be con…