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again a step taken by our rulling government congress. it's very different from other acts changed till now. i think this is a unique kind of act which has been modified and changed after 144 years of decriminalising the act of homosexuality, indian government has again taken a major step. what i think is that this act is really needed to have been changed.this act was the need of hour. there was huge demand for the change in the 144 years act. according to indian constitution every individual has the right to express his expression and feelings, accordingly government must be thinking about this matter for long as it was a necessary evil. this act though have brought smile to many faces, but it has it's own implications,it has it's own side effects to the society. there is a great possibility of aberration among the large group of students.this is mostly affecting the hostellites residing far from their homes. young minds are going to suffer the most, their is a…

indian politics

what has happened to our indian politics? not a single party is truly working for the country. every party either rulling, opposition or right or left not a single party is looking forward to fulfill our dream to make india a developed nation before 2020.

each party is working for their own sweets, some is concerned more for their sweets some bit less.

why actually good people who really want to serve the nation are not preffering politics as their carreer?

what i have found are these.

*it's almost impossible for any true and truthful person to enter into politics without sacrificing his/her conscience, true moral and faith.

*to enter into politics what you truly require is not the will to serve,education or any good quality which are supposed to be in a politician but you require a lot of money and muscles power to enter into it.

*their is a hope of presence of some good politicians still in this political scenario also, if the person inherits politics from his/her forefathers or paren…