Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Must to know facts about Ebola virus

Number of deaths due to Ebola virus has mounted to 1000+, WHO has declared this as an International emergency. Ebola is widespread in North Eastern Africa, mainly in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria etc. With precautionary measures govt has asked to check everyone coming from affecting countries and is expected we have one confirmed case in Pune.
So, it's better we at least know its symptoms and precautions we can take to protect ourselves from this deadly virus.
It is as dangerous as you can think, according to doctors it can be transmitted even through eye contacts, sweat of person affected, saliva and almost everything you can think of. So the patients suffering from Ebola virus are kept at complete isolation and doctors treating them need to wear special mask.
Here is one picture describing the must to know facts about Ebola virus.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tricolour as dp of Facebook, whatsApp or Twitter

It's around few days you surely would have noticed your friends putting their whatsapp dp as national flag of India, or tricolour as the cover pic or profile pic on Facebook or Twitter. It's already in trend to set tricolour as dp of our online profiles.
But you know this kind of display of our tricolour was illegal and it's not long when an Industrialist and Congress MP Naveen Jindal had filed a PIL to allow Indians to display their flags as their entity or icon of groups. Supreme Court gave judgement in favour of Naveen Jindal and made a law named Flag code of India 2002 which says "The Flag Code of India 2002 permits unrestricted display of the tricolour, consistent with the honour and dignity of the flag,", ruling out the previous law which says 
 "using Indian flag (sic) as entity or group symbol, icon or in any form of title representation is illegal under the Prevention of Insults to National Flag Act, 1971."

Smriti Irani's 6 days Yale degree memes viral on internet

HRD Minister Smriti Irani's 6 days Yale degree got hand by hand by twitterattis. Thousands of memes and caricatures started rolling out within few hours of her statement she gave to a questioner during India Today woman summit 2014. Smriti Irani said she has a degree from Yale university and if someone needs she has the proof too with her.
Here are some of the memes on her 6 day Yale degree program.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Watch SRK's Happy New Year first look on WhatsApp

Shahrukh Khan as always known for his innovating ideas to promote his films has come again with a new idea and this time with the latest craze among youth WhatsApp. SRK's Red Chillies Production has decided to launch his movie Happy New Year first look on WhatsApp.
What users need to do is to give a miss call to a number +919819020202 or can save this number and send a message asking the first look of the movie Happy New Year.
Last year also Shahrukh Khan's Red Chillies production has come up with an innovating idea to promote the movie Chennai Express through twitter. Users were asked to tweet to ChennaiExpress to receive SRK's signatured posters. This idea of sending signatured posters to users was a hit idea and has received a tremendous 1 billion plus tweets.

Since the first look is going to launch on 14th of August, users will be rolled out the first look only after it's launch. Now on sending messages to the above given number, users will not receive any reply, but will get the reply as soon as the first look is launched on 14th of August.

Bharat Ratna to Atal Bihar Vajpayee and Subhash Chandra Bose 2014

The highest civilian award Bharat Ratna conferred in India to people for their exceptional service or performance of highest order. Last year 2013 Chemical Scientist Prof. CNR Rao and Indian cricketer Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar were conferred the award. Sachin had became the youngest to receive this award. In the nominee list for this award were former hockey player Major Dhyanchand, Prof CNR Rao and Sachin Tendulkar.
This year the speculation is rife for Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Subhash Chandra Bose to be honoured with highest civilian award.
If AB Vajpayee gets honoured with the award he will be the 44th recipient of the award since it's launch 2nd January 1954.
The first people to get honoured with Bharat Ratna on the same year, 1954 were C. Rajagopalachari, Eminent Scientist Prof CV Raman and First Vice President of India Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

We wish both Ab Vajpayee and Subhash Chandra Bose to be conferred with Bharat Rathna this year.
Generally prime Minister of India consider any name for the recommendation to the president of India. This year Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recommended the above two names to the president. On 15th August 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be announcing the name who would be conferred with the award this year.

Most served dishes at Indian restaurants

Go to any restaurant in India, you will get a huge menu but most people end up selecting a few dishes at any restaurant they go. Food items selected generally varies with the state.
Each state has their own unique cuisines and hence taste depends on the domicile of the person. What we are listing here today is the food items generally ordered in different parts of the country.
If you are in North you will see people ordering the following.

Vegetarians North
Paneer Tikka, Mushroom tikka or Masala papad in starters
Paneer Lababdar, paneer butter Masala, Daal Makhani in main course
Garlic naan, pudina naan from bread basket
Fresh lime, Pine apple raita

Non vegetarians North
Chicken tikka, Chicken kabab, roasted chicken
Afghani chicken, Kadhai chicken, tawa chicken
Laccha paratha, pudina paratha from Bread basket
Fresh lime, any fruit raita

Next is South Indian foodies tastes and their popular dishes.
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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Special Menhdi design for Raksha Bandhan

One of the best Menhdi design specially for Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan.
Courtesy : Purva

Saturday, August 9, 2014

National Anthem of India Jana Gana Mana meaning

Being an Indian citizen it becomes our fundamental duty to learn and recite our national anthem the way it's lyricist Shri Rabindra Nath Tagore coined it and hoped the whole nation would recite the same way ever after with its core meaning intact.
So, here I thought to present our National Anthem word by word with its actual meaning.
Please every one try to understand the meaning and pronounce it perfectly don't behave like our politicians ....

word by word meaning...

jana= people
gana= group
mana= mind
adhinayaka = leader
jaya he= victory be
Bharata= India
Dravida=the south
Himacala= Himalayas
name= name
mage= ask,
jana= people
Gana= group
mangala=good fortune
jaya he=victory be
Bharata= India
bhagya= Destiny
Jaya he, jaya he, jaya he, Jaya jaya jaya jaya he.= victory,victory,victory,victory for ever.....

I have searched from so many days and finally found this meaning,


Thanks to the Anonymous sharer of this post.

Female genital mutilation is illegal in Islam

It's now on much debate among both Muslims and even non Muslims whether Female Genital Mutilation is legal in Islam or not. The straight forward answer is it's not allowed. It was prevalent in some Arab countries and even in countries where people adopted Islam during 7th century AD, but as people came to know about Islam they stopped following this ritual but still some countries like Sudan and North East African countries follows this not so good ritual.
This ritual of Female Genital mutilation again came into limelight after the ISIS head Abu bakr Al Baghdadi, from Iraq ordered the women and girls to go through this ritual and asked to practice it from now on. This order of ISIS head was affecting 4 million females of Iraq.
After coming to know about this kind of orders from Al Baghdadi many scholars from all over the world criticised it and has set fatwa against the practicing or adopting of any such ritual in Islam, it's strongly prohibited to follow any such ritual which doesn't have any reference in Quran, Hadiths and valid Islamic books.
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