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Spanning the Bengali Space

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I arrived at Kolkata international airport at 8pm of a rather chilly, December evening.Exhausted, as I collected my luggage and staggered out of the airport gates, my eyes fell on a shiny, yellow Ambassador car. Wow! Ambassador after so many years awakens nostalgia in a really strong manner. The first amazing piece of info I gathered at the first step in this city is that Kolkata proudly continues the tradition of black and yellow Ambassador taxi services till date. This is probably the only place on India where you can relive those old days that had sleepy afternoons in the back seat of a fat ambassador with soothing music of kishore Da songs lulling you off.

I discovered the shy and novice Kolkata that had a branded feel to every thing it possessed

This Black and Yellow Ambassador TAXI lets you know you reached Kolkata
Kolkata air is not spine chilling like Delhi, nor is it lukewarm like the winters in Andhra or Odisha, its pleasurable. Just perfect! Riding through the shiny roads to my cousin’s house in New town, I discovered the shy and novice Kolkata that had a branded feel to every thing it possessed. The following morning started with a foggy feel. As I jogged my way out, I stumbled upon yet another nostalgia trigger – The good, old Rickshaw.This three tyred jewel was an integral part of my school life. Just looking at it, I could feel the ‘come try me’ vibe already. One ride was simply inevitable. This ride, specifically, was unforgettable because all my excitement vanished in a jiffy, as the rickshaw puller started pulling the Rickshaw with the enthusiasm of a FZ biker and I was being tossed like a veggie in a chinese dish all the way, holding on to my dear life. I decided my childhood rickshaw puller was much sensible and more normal. Phew!! So to make the return journey memorable in a better manner, I planned to hail a cab. But, what came to my rescue was a golf cart or a battery operated cart, as christened by my cousin’s 4 yr old. This, I thought would definitely be better than my previous ride but dear me, was I right? The driver started like a shy, new bride but later turned into a kin of the Rickshaw puller, Dhoom 3 fame. I returned in almost the same fashion as I had reached there earlier, being tossed and holding on to the supporting rods to save myself from being blown off to old Kolkata in that frenzy.

Vidyasagar Setu

Aerial View of Eden Garden Kolkata

Kolkata has a laid back attitude which is absolutely infectious.In Various areas of Kolkata streets, I spotted men squatting about in closed circles, playing chess under the winter sun. This is something that is impossible to see in busy places like Bengaluru. Bengali women, I must say are one of the most beautiful of the womanly breed. Those wide, dove shaped, drunken eyes lined thickly with Kohl,plump, curved lips and cute, fluffy cheeks. From an average working woman in a western attire, to a corn seller sitting under a tree by down the street, every woman here has a kind of beauty that will make u look back at her again. I have fluffy cheeks and to be honest, I have never liked it much. To me, fluffy cheeks are a prominent feature of children below 9 and that is when it suits them. Adults with fluffy cheeks somehow never attracted my attention. A little secret that I must share with you is most of the times, I walk about with my cheeks pulled in, sucked inward.That makes me feel like a runway model ready to face the world. However girls in this Bengali land gave me an acceptance criteria by flaunting their cute cheeks in such a beautifully, proud manner, I felt at ease displaying mine as well. My pained cheeks got some break for the 5 days we were there.They should be thanking this place.

Food and Kolkata are definitely synonymous. This, I can vouch for, since every nook and cranny of this city is lined with a variety of eatery. Restaurants Ranging from the likes of rich and famous like ‘Oh Calcutta!’ to the simple ‘jhops’ as they call the straw thatched huts which sell simple macher bhaat( rice and fish curry). Often you can catch a glimpse of hot, fluffy rotis being tossed in the air and fall perfectly into the hot case. Alu dum (a spicy potato curry) and roti is a popular treat among the locals. People can be seen standing on streets gorging on spicy puchkaas or digging into hot luchis. A rare but insanely delicious meal that I had here was a  concoction of steamed fish and coconut milk. Such tender fish and flavorful rice can make the day of an average non vegetarian. A small talk with a local revealed that if a normal Bengali falls short of nonveg at his house, he drops a slice of raw fish in the boiling water before raw rice is poured into it for cooking. In short, just the smell of fish is enough to kick start a bengali mood. Well, I love fish too, although hens and goats attract me more. Try a normal eatery in Kolkata and you cannot just hate fish anymore.

Bengal's speciality Fish

This language is simply adorable. Once I stopped by a hawker and asked him a certain address. He could hardly speak Hindi. Sensing his difficulty, I conveyed to him that I can understand Bengali if not speak it. He seemed relived but the sudden gush of Bengali that flowed out of his mouth left me startled. The sound of Bengali words is like music. I actually forgot why I was there and just stood there stupefied, listening to this man blabber. Whatever he said sounded like music. They speak with a hundred ‘roshogollas’ stuffed under their cheeks. Apart from food, Bengalis reflect a lot of intellect as well. A quaint,little, busy street lined with a multitude of book stores in an old corner of Kolkata represents one of the best jewels of intellectual properties present in the world. It is said that college Street, as they call it, is considered to be meccah for anybody preparing for any kind of entrance examination. Name a book and you get it. Often i find pretty saree clad girls with hands full of bangles hailing cabs on busy park street. Where else would you find an old tram rambling down the cemented roads unconcerned by the modern age cars swishing by it. Just like you would respect an elderly, new generation traffic in Kolkata allows trams to pass by with all due respects. There is a lazy feel in the air of Kolkata. A fruit seller I came across was weighing my fruits when a street guy came yelling at him” Aiii, tumaar kaache aamar 1 taaka aache(Hello, You owe me a rupee)”. The shopkeeper gave him an angry look and yelled back ” tumaar kaache aamar 3 taaka aache.(Hey, you owe me 3 rupees. When will you return it?) ” and shrugged the plastic bag hard murmuring abuses under his breath. It was amusing to see the other person squat away. I forgot the fruits, enjoying the small quarrel between them until the fruit seller called me ‘didi, e lo aapka saaaaaman’. The thick and raw Hindi accent from a Bengali tongue is just as amusing to hear.

Secret to Bengali ladies beauty
The word ‘shopping’ pricks all the girly ears up and let me tell you why Kolkata might just be ‘the’ place for street shoppers. Hop into the overcrowded New market and ladies, you wont ever get disappointed. A volley of colors displayed conspicuously by a heap of bags spread across one side of the street, dazzling stones studded in bangles ,beautiful earrings in dirt cheap rates, kurtiz and stoles galore, a range of eateries and small stalls selling the famous kulhad-wali-chai are just some of the examples on offer in New Market.
Any Kolkata Street Corner
Care to walk back in history and meet our revered Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa? Check out the Mother Wax Museum in New Town.

Rabindranath Tagore Wax Museum
Mother Teresa wax museum
Mother Teresa wax museum
One visit to a quaint,old street in a quiet corner of this lovely city will take you to Kumartuli. It is a treasure cove of a zillion artists working diligently on the idols of Goddess Durga. The street is lined with a lot of artisans both old and young, busy with their little hammers carving wonders out of clay and straw. The first idol of Goddess Durga to be worshiped in Durga Puja is claimed to have made in this place.

Feel the thrill of celebrating Christmas with hundreds of strangers thronging the popular Park Street on Christmas eve. Check out hundreds of strangers walking together to create hoot waves, while admiring the stunning decorations and paparazzi throughout the entire street walk.

So, if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth with some quality,delectable sweets or want to take a break from your hectic schedule and go on a snooze mode(I hope the Bangaloreans are hearing!) or feel like trying out a different genre of Biryani or are possessed by the explore-your-history fever or are a bookworm who can spend her entire life crooned with a book at a cozy corner of one of the finest libraries in India(like me) or take pleasure in enjoying small joys of life like a kulhad wali chai at Rs. 8 (That cheap..yayyy) or check out all the modes of transport(ferry,trams,rickshaw),all in one city or just want to be with some beautiful people around, you know where to head to.
I cant wait to be there again, because Bengal has a lot to offer and my plate just cant seem to get full.
Christmas Celebration Kolkata

Christmas Eve Kolkata

Bengal, u r just khub bhaalo!!

By: +Arshia Khan 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bullet ride from Delhi to Mussoorie

Travel Blog
My experience from Delhi to Mussoorie on Bike


Let’s Begin

It was really an unusual day, I never wake up by 5 in the morning, but that day was special and well advanced plan at least we had planned for Mussorie the previous night at around 8:30PM to be precise. Christmas day, a long weekend ahead and what can be better than to have a getaway from Delhi to Mussoorie and that too with my love Royal Enfield Bullet - Classic 350.


Gloves, Goggs, helmet all on and a backpack with a DSLR camera, a T-Shirt, Undies and an unforgettable wallet with some cash for my Queen Dug~Dug~Dug.

Near Kempty Falls, Mussoorie
Near Kempty Falls, Mussoorie

Maggi Point, Mussoorie
Maggi Point, Mussoorie

It’s around 6:15am now, and we ‘the two riders’ left for the Queen of hills, with our Queens “Bullet Rani”.

Mussoorie is almost 287 kms from Noida where we have our nests and took shelter in. So, approximately it was to take not more than 7 hours with all the halts and “Chai Paani Sutta” in the midways for us. So, we had planned to stay in Dehradun the “Christmas Day” and celebrate it in St. Francis Church.

Leave for the Queen of Hills...

Again early in the morning temperature dipped to 3 degrees in Dehradun City and Hotel receptionist advised us to wait until sunrise and leave by 8am.
Urrgh…. Have we been there to wait for sunrise? Of course NOT.
Mussoorie is around 41 kms from Dehradun and we are on. It was really really beautiful to see the unending hills. Horizons had to submit to these hills, to way far you can see, you have nothing but the tall standing hills adorned by foggy clouds.
By the time we were left with only 7kms to Mussoorie we took a halt for our first cup of Morning tea. Did some crunches there and those crunches got clicked.
Selfie from the top of hills
Selfie from the top of hills

Beautiful Mussoorie hills
Beautiful Mussoorie hills

We are now at the Mall road and we can see the beautiful sunrise from there. It was like the Queen(hills) is coming out with a big Red Bindi.
Couldn’t stop there for long, so again started our Dug~Dug~Dug and headed towards Company Garden, George Everest House, Jwala Devi Temple, Gun Hill, Haathi Paon and finally our destination “Kempty falls”, for which we had carried our undies so long.
It’s really amazing to ride on hills with your queen (Bullet).
For me nothing can be as beautiful as this when you are among the Queen of hills watching the freezing Himalayan ranges with your own queen.

अभिषेक सिंह & عطاال حقی

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Rafting experience in Rishikesh from Marine Drive, Shivpuri to Laxman Jhula

It was screechy sunny day amidst cool breezy weather on the 1st of Jan 2016. We had taken shelter in the camps near riverside Ganga in Shivpuri the previous night. We planned to get some inspection done before we actually land up on the rafts. We headed first towards the prospect, start point Marine Drive and found the milestone reading 26kms to Rishikesh which takes around 4 to 5 hours ride in raft.
Whoa! we had planned for 26kms ride on raft only second to 36 kms ride available in Rishikesh from Kaudiyala which takes around 8 to 9 hours.
Riverside Camping in Shivpuri, Rishikesh
Riverside Camping in Shivpuri, Rishikesh

Camps in Shivpuri, Rishikesh
Camps in Shivpuri, Rishikesh

A tributary of River Ganga by the side of camps
A tributary of River Ganga by the side of camps

The stay was pleasant with DJ music, bonfire, dance, buffet and of course the beer who love having it. In the morning 6AM temperature was around 3 degrees which rose with the advent of day and we were all tucked up with the things to carry along and rest to be boarded on our vehicle. Raft instructor had allowed us to carry Mobiles, Cameras and wallets as he has some dry bag which can protect our most expensive amenities. That's great we carried along our Gogs as well, after all who don't wanna show off when it comes to sharing the rafting experience on Facebook.

Lo, ! we reached the point Marine drive sharp 10:30AM and raft instructor gave some rafting instructions which includes Jargons to be followed while rafting as per the commands.

Go forward:  steer the waters backwards with your paddles.
Go Backward: steer the water forwards with your paddles.
Get down: Jump into waters and hold the raft rope tight mainly commanded when river is steady and calm.

Note: In emergency situation when your raft tumbles down:

  • Never throw the paddle even if you are into waters all alone. 
  • Don't open your mouth, don't panic and just try to come into a position as you sleep on your bed with your back on the water and face upwards.
  • keep holding your spade tight, with both the hands and raise it as much it feels comfortable to you.
  • You are going to remain floating for another 72 hours as per the standards of Jackets provided during rafting in Shivpuri, Rishikesh.
  • The rafting jackets are capable floating 120kg man on waters. So, most of you can cheer.
Note: Age range for doing rafting in Rishikesh is 20-35 years and the members should be medically fit with no heart ailments till date.

That's all right we started with calm and steady river and as we steered we first met with the first of the rapids named black money, and then three blind mice, roller coaster, golf course, the wall, sweet sixteen,cross fire and the last Thank God.
Our raft at Marine Drive, Shivpuri

It was all fantastic we were following the commands of instructor who was commanding us like a captain commands its battalion. Uh, we loved it.
Until all was cool we pass through the second major rapid that is again Grade IV rapid on our course and then reached the First Major rapid which was really too higher than the length of our raft. Our raft almost stand straight the 5 members of our troop thrown away into the rapids and rest three drown down with the raft who were sitting in the back sides.
The instructor first found one of our member and rescued her by lifting up to the upside down raft and then again jumped into river to tumble the raft again to upright it. Once the raft comes up in upright position we 4 members had already flown with the rapids crossing another 2 rapids floating on its own.

At least we had 4 survivors on the raft and 4 including me in the waters crossing the rapids floating on the Jackets and spade the way instructor had advised.

At last got struck to a big rock got some injury but at least saved and climbed up to the tip of rock.
It was around 30 minutes we were in water and then got hit by a big rock and another raft came for our rescue.

We hadn't met each other till now and were praying to the best and aloud that rest members be safe and sound hoping some other rafts would have come to their rescue.
Tributary of River Ganga

We reached the maggi point and THANK GOD we all were safe, of course some got traumatized and planned to leave the raft and go away by roads. We consoled each other and lifted our spirits to go again into waters as we had another few miles to cover before we would reach Laxman Jhula our destination point.

It was all good there after we were around Ram Jhula opened our dry bags, captured some stills and shoot out some videos on the slowly paced raft, as the river was very calm there.

At last we reached the point, near The Laxman Jhula. The ride was completely awesome, awestruck full of Masti, thrill, emotions and drama almost like a Blockbuster movie.

How silly it would be if we forget the sip of tea from Chotiwala in Haridwar on the way back to Delhi, we stopped in Haridwar and had our snacks there.
Chotiwala restaurant
Chotiwala restaurant

In the end I would like to share my own experience from this memorable rafting ride:
Rafting ride and especially Rishikesh one is like our oscillatory life, we start with steady stage in our childhood which we experienced near Marine Drive, and then have few ups and down in our mid-ages which we experienced near 3 mice rapids and sometimes turbulences too which we experienced at the major rapid. And at last we end up with cool and calm life which is exactly what we felt near Ram and Laxman Jhula. You can experience this in our given two of the videos too, when we had started we were so full of energy, excitement and thrill and in the second video how calm, composed, matured and reserved we all looking like.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Only Tsu can do to Facebook what Facebook did to Orkut

I'm not saying you will start earning in millions in few days, but at least you will earn for your contents. You won't believe how much content you generate in one single day by just logging into Facebook and posting/liking/sharing either your personal images/videos or simple text messages.

Why not earn loyalty for your generated contents. is a social network service launched on July 2013 by Sebastian Sobczack.
Facebook sensed the potential of the idea of and is going all the way out to get it removed from the minds of it's users. First Facebook tried blocking its link shared on Facebook, then even scrapped out it's mentioning on Facebook platform and then termed the link of to be spammed. But due to Facebook user's outrage, Facebook finally had to allow posting the links of on Facebook platform from December 2015.

The social network is getting stronger and firm with each coming day and users are seen migrating towards a social network which values their content, ownership and pays for the revenue generated from their content.

As per, user gets the 90% of the revenue generated from the content while only takes 10% for hosting the platform. is 100% legal and legitimate site verified from all the sources, you can check the same on Wiki, Alexa, Google or from whatever NEWS channel you follow or trust.

I wish you to see on first of it's kind social network.
Here is my referral link hope to see you soon, Ataul Haque on

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Media selectivity on reporting AAP Govt's Activities

Media selectivity on reporting AAP Govt's activities - Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill & Citizen Amendment Bill for time bound delivery of services to Citizens.

Few days ago Aam Aadmi Party came out with their Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill, few media houses managed to give their 20 - 30 minutes coverage in the entire day when it was first drafted and declared(On 18th of Nov. 2015).

Now all of a sudden on 28th Nov'15 Prashant Bhushan came tearing the Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill saying this is the biggest fraud and Joke to the people of Delhi as what is served under the name of Delhi Jan Lokpal is not the actual Bill which had been drafted during Anna movement but the revised one which will give the tyrant powers to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. The other side of the report says Poet and AAP party campaigner Dr. Kumar Vishwas comes out defending the Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill saying not even the punctuation (comma or full stop) has been modified, it's the exact replica of what was drafted at the Jantar Mantar rally of Anna Hazare.

How silly it sounds na! in this Digital world people are fighting for comparing two files(JanLokpal Bill draft) one says it's the exact copy of what was drafted at the rally and other saying it's modified, Just use the diff command guys on Unix box (Sorry for technicality, very much used to this command). All punctuations will come out like "दूध and पानी ". --**

Now back to Media or rather #paidmedia - (Interestingly these days everyone saying media #PaidMedia irrespective of their political interest).
--** This concern of Prashant Bhushan becomes the hottest topic of the debate and all of a sudden the same media houses who didn't even bother to report the drafting of Delhi JanLokpal on 18th November set on fire and telecasted the #JanLokPal episode in hour long episodes as #MahaJokepal as coined by Prashant Bhushan ji.

This shows the selectivity of reports and biased media reporting prevalent these days in India.

Now yesterday Aam Aadmi Party drafted their Citizen Charter Bill again which was promised during the formation of AAP Govt. in Delhi and also this is the same Citizen Charter Bill which was first voiced at the Jantar Mantar rally of Anna Hazare on April 2011.

Again no media coverage, Oh sorry Media was busy broadcasting the #MahaJokepal Bill how come they be able to find a slot of even 10 - 20 minutes for reporting the Delhi Govt's Citizen Amendment Bill For Time Bound Delivery Of Services To Citizens. You know how hectic these media people these days are, they also have the equal right to take selfies. #SelfieWithPM

#जय हिन्द !!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Beautiful attempts to showcase commonalities between India and Pakistan by Global brands

Foodpanda a food delivery platform comes with an innovative idea to celebrate India's 69th (2015) Independence Day with a beautiful video depicting the commonalities in taste buds, still found in the two most rival neighboring nations India and Pakistan.
The video runs a short play demarcating the similarities between Indians and Pakistanis taste buds.

The foodpanda group is a global mobile food delivery marketplace headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and operating in 40 countries and territories, including India and Pakistan.

If you remember Google (Search Engine Giant) too had made a beautiful attempt with it's video ad showing the Google's search capabilities and depicting a short story of unions of two old friends who got separated during India Pakistan partition.
Here is that video.

Google Doodle on India's 69th Independence Day - Gandhi's Dandi March

Google celebrating India's Independence Day 2015 with a beautiful Doodle depicting Mahatma Gandhi's Dandi March.
Google Doodle on India's 69th Independence Day
Google Doodle on India's 69th Independence Day

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

List of Indian CEOs in Global Companies

1. Pichai Sundararajan
Age:                     43
Birth Place:         Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Education:           IIT Kharagpur
Occupation:        CEO at Google Inc.

2.Satyanarayana Nadella
Age:                  47 Year
Birth place:       Hyderabad, India
Education:        Manipal Institute Of Technology
Occupation:      CEO at Microsoft Corporation

3.Ajaypal Singh Banga
Age:                      52
Birth Place:           Pune, India
Education:            Delhi University, IIM Ahmedabad
Occupation:          CEO and President, MasterCard

4.Indra Krishnamurthy
Age:                      59
Birth Place:           Madras, Tamil Nadu, India
Graduation:           Madras Christian College,IIM Calcutta
Occupation:           Chairperson & CEO of PepsiCo

5.Shantanu Narayen
Age:                       52
Birth Place:           Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Education:             Osmania University (BS)
Occupation:           CEO of Adobe Systems

6.Rajeev Suri
Age:                       47
Birth Place:           New Delhi India
Education:             Manipal Institute of Technology, Karnataka, India
Occupation:           CEO of Nokia

7. Ivan Menezes
Born:                        July 1959
Birth Place:              Pune, India
Education St. Stephen's College, Delhi
Alma mater Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
                                Kellogg School of Management
Occupation CEO, Diageo
Salary GBP £7,768,000

8. Rakesh Kapoor
Born: 4 August 1958 (age 57)
Birth Place: Bareilly, India
Education Modern School, New Delhi, India
Alma mater:              Birla Institute of Technology and Science
                                XLRI- Xavier School of Management
Occupation CEO, Reckitt Benckiser
Salary GBP £11.2 million (2014)

9. Ajit Jain: Berkshire Hathaway Group
Born: 1951
BIrth Place: Odisha

10. Piyush Gupta
Born: January 24, 1960 (age 55)
Birth Place: Meerut, India
Alma mater:           St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University (B.A.)
                              IIM, Ahmedabad (Post Graduate Diploma in Management)
Occupation CEO and Director of DBS Group

11. Sanjay Mehrotra
Occupation CEO & President of SanDisk

12. Sanjay Jha: Global Foundries
Born: 1963
Birth Place: Bhagalpur, Bihar in east India
Education:            Ph.D in electrical engineering
                           B.S. in engineering
Alma mater:         University of Strathclyde
                           University of Liverpool

13. Dinesh Paliwali
Born: 17 December 1957
Birth Place:        Agra, India
Alma mater: B.E. from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee;
                          MS in Applied Science and Engineering and
                            MBA in Finance from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio).
Occupation: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Harman International Industries

14. Rajeev Vasudeva:
Occupation: CEO of Egon Zehnder

16. Vikram Shankar Pandit
Born: 14 January 1957
Birth Place: Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
Alma Mater:              Columbia University, BS, MS, MBA, PhD
Occupation:               Former CEO, Citigroup (2007-2012)

17. Anshu Jain
Born: 7 January 1963
Birth Place: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.
Alma mater:               University of Delhi (B.A.)
                                 University of Massachusetts (M.B.A.)
Occupation:               Ex-Co-CEO of Deutsche Bank

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Real story of Munni and Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Call it a coincidence or power of true prayers or simply a miracle, you can call it anything but what happened, is for certainly - happened with a reason and for a reason.
A human right activist from Pakistan, also an expert adviser to UN (Geneva, Switzerland) on human rights Mr. Ansar Burney found a deaf and mute girl of age 18-19, four years back , with her foster parent Abdul Sattar Edhi and Bilquis Edhi who also runs a welfare trust.
Bhaijaan Ansar Burney with Geeta or Guddi(Munni)
Bhaijaan Ansar Burney with Geeta aka Guddi

How it all happened - the story of Guddy aka Geeta.
The girl is deaf and dumb but had learned some Hindi reading and writing when she was 7. The girl anyhow boards the train Samjhauta Express which runs between New Delhi and Lahore. The girl reaches Lahore railway station, she is around 7 to 8 years old crying on the platform. Police found her on the station and moved her to a shelter home, she shifted from one shelter home to another and finally reaches to the founder of a welfare trust, Mr Abdul Sattar Edhi.
Geeta or Guddi in Pakistan
Geeta or Guddi in Pakistan

Abdul Sattar informs about this girl to a human right activist Mr Ansar Burney. Mr Ansar Burney tries all his means using social network, advertisement and almost everything he could to make her meet her parents which she points lives somewhere in Jharkhand or Telangana in India.

Mr Burney's tweets:

Mr Burney even came India in around 2011-12 and tried broadcasting about her, so that her parents can recognize her and meet their child. But failed in his attempt.

We are very much familiar with movies based on true stories or Mobile games based on movies, but a movie story turned true had never been heard before.
On 17th of July, Salman Khan starer +Bajrangi Bhaijaan Movie released in India and Pakistan. The movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan has almost similar plot where a Pakistani little girl gets abandoned in India and is found by #Bajrangi Bhaijaan (Salman Khan) who swear to make her to her parents in Pakistan.

After the movie got smashing success Ansar Burney who also watched movie got a new hope and retried with all means. This time govt of India heard his voice and Promised to help in every possible way.
Minister of External affairs Mrs Sushma Swaraj tweets and lend her full support to bring back the girl(Geeta named by her foster parents Bilquis Edhi).

We pray for Geeta's safe return and hope she very soon meet her own parents in India.

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