Monday, April 14, 2014

Don't turn blind to everything else

Following someone is good, if you found someone eligible enough for it, but following it blindly, ignoring everything else which may not be good enough, seems sceptical.

There certainly is a Modi wave all around, everyone seems to be talking for Modi, why not, he is good, he has presented a well versed Model and has shown the 125+ year old political system, how to govern and what should be termed a perfect role model in politics. He did in 10 years what hadn't been done by the single largest party for 60 years, he is perfectly eligible to be hailed and boasted for his work.

But is it reasonable to support for everything he does, is it good to term him God, is it good to add prefix "Har Har" which is considered embroidered only for Lord Shiva.
Is it humane that a man left his wife unrecognized for 47 years(3 lifetime) till he was certain to be the PM of India and as soon as he came to know that he gonna be the PM of India, he recalled a past and suddenly he got a wife out of nowhere.

I'm no one to indulge into his life, but is it good to be a blind follower, at least raise questions where you see something wrong going on, you are a part of democracy dude and not into any tyrant-ship.

People always ask me why Muslims not coming out of "Godhra Kaand" and see how he has taken a U-Turn and has presented something which we all waited for so long. Of course we forgot about Godhra, and Godhra was not the only riot happened but there were many more riots which were massive and severe than that, although it should not happen, but if it happened we should forget and move on to get united if possible, as we have been forgetting all other riots since ages. A riot is not the result of any single community but both the communities. So, saying it was only non-muslims who were involved into it, would certainly be wrong to say.

Modi has been discarded by many for his stand during 2002 riots, but almost all unanimously are standing with him, when he with a good intent doing really good for the nation. But at the same time, I hope people should understand the fact that following someone religiously is good as far as you see it going good, but you should always keep a check and balance if it doesn't perform the way expected.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Google Doodle on Cricket T20 World Cup 2014

Google has placed a Doodle earmarking the finale of Cricket T20 World Cup 2014 on 06th April 2014.
Google Doodle on Cricket T20 World Cup 2014 Finale

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Agryd launched its Android Mobile Application

Agryd Login on Android
Agryd the most popular Indian social networking website has launched its android mobile application this New Year. Agryd has embedded special functionality and features to its android application. With this mobile application, besides normal functionality of website, users can enjoy several other exciting features. This application offers features like friend finder, location reminder, speed tracker, free text messaging, voice and video calling. For all the features internet connectivity is a must.

Friend Finder: It tells you the current location of your friend. This tool does live tracking with the help of GPS. This tool is helpful for parents as they could take care of their child by having a watch over them with this application.
Friend Tracker Android Agryd

Location Reminder: It is a very useful tool for those people who are forgetful. This application reminds about the work to be done once user come in the circumference of 500 meter of that location. In order to get reminder, user just have to save that location on map with the desired message. This tool works quite similar to the mobile alarm which alarms at the saved time. Instead of time, this tool buzzes at the location which is saved by user.
Profile page on Android for Agryd

Speed Tracker: This tool is quite similar to speedometer of cars and motorbikes. It can tell running pace of a person. This tracking is also done with the help of GPS.
Track Me: You can track your current location if you get your path lost. This is helpful during long voyage where you don’t know the way to destination. You need to have internet connectivity to use this feature.
Besides the above key features, whatever features are in Whats app and Viber, they will be embedded in Agryd’s mobile application. Users will be able to send free text messages, audio, video and images via this tool. They shall also be able to do audio and video calling with this tool. Users will enjoy all these features free of cost. Public can download this application both from Agryd’s website as well as from Google play store.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kangna Ranaut a model, actor and film-maker

Kangna Ranaut born in Bhambla, Himachal Pradesh on 23rd March 1987, is a Model, actor and a film maker. Kangna comes from a Rajput family, her father is a business man and mother is a school teacher. She completed her schooling from Dehradun and while she was in the college, got the opportunity to see a film shooting and there on she decided to become a model and then moved to Delhi and joined Elite Modeling Agency in 2003.
Kangna Ranaut a model, actor and film-maker
Kangna Ranaut

She started as a theatre actor with "Asmita theatre Group" in Delhi and acted in several plays. She then moved to Mumbai and got the chance to debut in Bollywwod in the year 2006, as a lead actor in “Gangster”, where she got applauded for her role. In 2008 she came in lime light with her role in “Fashion” overshadowing Priyanka Chopra, which bought her various awards like Filmfare Best Supporting Actress and National Award for Best Supporting Actress.
In 2009 she appeared in “Raaz”, which became the first hit of 2009 with her great performance. She appeared in many movies after that, in 2010 she appeared in “Once Upon A Time in Mumbai” and her first release of 2011 was “Tanu Weds Manu” opposite R. Madhavan which was successful. Some of her movies doesn't perform well, movies like “Rascals”, “Miley Naa Miley Hum” and Tezz” . Recently she was in a negative role and played the role of "Maya" in “Krrish 3” with Hrithik Roshan, Vivek Oberoi and Priyanka Chopra, Kangna received huge acclaims from critics for her role.

Recently her interview with the film critic Anupama Chopra on 22nd October 2013 gone viral on social networks like Youtube and Facebook. Most of the users seen commenting for her truthfullness and liked her bold and blunt avatar. In the interview she told that she is aware about her status being an outsider in Bollywood. She said that I accept, I don’t speak proper English. I did movies like Rascals or Double Dhamaal because I have to earn my bread and butter out of this business, so when you are self dependent and have limited options you have to do such type of movies. She also added if once you enter this industry, it will give you that little fame that will not allow you to get a normal job outside the industry, so you have to stay here and try your luck again and again.
Kangna in the same interview, shared her wish to direct a movie in the future; she has already taken a small step by directing a small movie in July 2012 with a subject of human-animal relationship - she added.

Awards and recognition:

  • She got Best Actress award for gangster in Asian festival of First Films
  • Stardust Breakthrough Performance Award for Life in a Metro 
  • Filmfare Best Supporting Actress and National Award for Best Supporting Actress for Fashion movie 2008.
We wish Kangna to keep going and entertaining us in future also. We wish a great success for her forthcoming movies.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Google Search - Reunion video by Google India

How many ads you count, you remember not because of the frequency of times you saw that, but because of the gravity of content on the ad video?
I think very few are there which really touch our heart and sits forever thereafter. Recently there is one such video which has gone viral because of it's content and provoking emotional touch. Google India launched an ad video with the name 'Google Search: Reunion' of length 3:33 minutes.
This 3:33 minute Google video ad, will not let you move out of your position. You will be glued to your position for these 213 seconds. Video has tried to touch the thinnest little cord, we all Indians and probably Pakistanis too have with the separation of India and Pakistan. Adding to that, video has also attached the never ending relationship of two friends, a relation which never ends and can never be ended, whatsoever be the difference lies between the two.

I would say, a Must watch video.

The video was uploaded on 13th November 2013 by Google India, and within 17 days of it's upload it has got 8+ million views. The video is still a buzz and is viral on all the prominent social networks.

Please share if you like this video.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Varun Agarwal founder of million dollar start-ups Alma Mater and Last Minute Films

A guy who works against the traditional mindset of "thinking before starting any venture". Varun believes "Most ideas fizzle out because everyone spends hours just thinking about them and not doing anything, So if you have an idea just go for it." He holds his own approach to life, he believes in "don't think" strategy, He says "take the leap and then think."
Varun Agarwal founder of million dollar company Alma Mater
Varun Agarwal author, film-maker and an entrepreneur

Varun Agarwal born on December 6, 1986, Bangalore, is an entrepreneur, film maker and author of the book "How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company". Varun has around 3 companies/start-ups under his credit.

Varun did his schooling from Bishop Cotton Boys' School in Bangalore. He co-founded Alma Mater and two other companies - Reticular and Last Minute Films.
Alma Mater: A merchandise for students of schools and colleges.
Reticular: A social media marketing company.
Last minute Films: A film production house.

Varun started film-making and founded 'Last Minute Films' at the age of 19, while he was in 3rd year of his engineering in Bangalore, he did his Engineering in Telecommunication. After finishing his graduation he briefly worked as a director for Phat Phish Films and at the age of 21 he directed a music video with Bollywood star Priety Zinta and Music Director AR Rahman.

In the year 2009, he co-founded his second business venture, Alma Mater, with his friend Rohan Malhotra. Alma Mater has successfully partnered with educational institutions across India, being able to make and supply customized sweatshirts to alumni. It is now India's largest company for providing merchandise to students of schools and colleges.

Awards and recognition:

  • Bangalore Young Achiever Award 2012
  • Whistling Woods Young Achiever Award 2012
Varun's twitter handle: @varun067
Facebook Page: 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Vote for Narendra Modi to be the Person of the year 2013

Certainly there is enough time for 2014 general elections, when you may go voting your favorite PM candidate from Bhartiya Janta Party side Narendra Modi. But still for all the Narendra Modi fans or better say NaMo fans or (NaMo maniacs) New York Magazine Time, has given a chance to show their love for their aspiring PM Narendra Modi, much before the general elections and vote for him to make him the "Person Of the Year 2013".

Every year Time Magazine selects a person as the "Person of the year" based on the influence, he/she able to make around the world. The person who influences the most in the respective year for better or even for worse is chosen as the "Person of the Year". 

Although the last decision is based on the editors of Time Magazine, but still they go for voting and consider the numbers and margins in choosing the winner of the contest.

This year Time Magazine has shortlisted 44 most influential people around the globe as nominees for #TIMEPOY (Times Person of the Year). Narendra Modi is placed at 24th in the list (in Random).

The last date to vote for Narendra Modi to be #TIMEPOY is 4th December. You can vote him latest by 11:59 PM 4th December (Pacific Standard Time US & Canada), that is 4th December 1:29 PM Indian Standard Time.

Time Magazine will announce the winner of voting contest for #TIMEPOY on 6th December and the actual winner of Time Person of the Year 2013 (decided by Time editors) will be announced on 11th December 2013.

If you like to vote for Narendra Modi and wish him to win #TIMEPOY, visit the given below link and click on Yes against his name.
Click here #TIMEPOY.

Below are the other winners of #TIMEPOY
  • Person of the year 2012 : Barack Obama
  • Person of the Year 2011: The Protesters
  • Person of the Year 2010: Mark Zuckerberg
  • Person of the Year 2009: Ben Bernanke
  • Person of the year 2012 : Barack Obama

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Miss India Earth Sobhita Dhulipala for Miss Earth 2013

Miss India Earth Sobhita Dhulipala
Miss India Earth Sobhita Dhulipala
Update 5th Dec'13: After clinching the gold medal for Miss Photogenic title at Miss Earth 2013 pageant, Ponds Femina Miss India Earth 2013 Sobhita Dhulipala has now earned another gold medal by bagging the Miss Eco-Beauty title. 

Update 4th Dec'13: On 3rd Dec'13 Miss Sobhita Dhulipala became the 3rd Indian after Aishwarya Rai & Diana Hayden to ever win miss photogenic on an international platform.
With this India got another Gold medal in this category after 16 years.

Sobhita Dhulipala is an Indian model who has won the title "Miss India Earth" at the 50th edition of Femina Miss India 2013 that was held in Mumbai on March 24, 2013. Sobhita will be representing India in Miss Earth 2013, in Pasay City, Phillipines.

Sobhita born on 31 May 1992, in Tenali, Andhra Pradesh, India. She moved to Visakhapatnam along with her family when she was three. She did her schooling at Little Angels and pursued commerce at Visakha Valley School in Visakhapatnam. Sobhita shifted to Mumbai with her family after her high school and attended a commerce degree in HR College of commerce and economics in Mumbai. She is currently pursuing her Post Graduate Diploma in Business and Corporate law from Symbiosis University.
Sobhita Dhulipala is also a trained classical dancer in Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi.

She enjoys writing poetry, backpacking, a trained classical dancer (Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi) and loves learning about cultures, people and philosophy.
Sobhita is also an LGBT supporter.

Awards and Recognition:
  • Pond's Femina Miss India Earth 2013.
  • Miss Talent 2013
  • Itimes Miss Digital Diva 2013
  • Royalty Miss Dancing Queen 2013
  • Yamaha Ray Femina Miss Adventurous
  • Max Femina Miss Fashion Icon
  • TRESemme Femina Miss Stylish Hair

What all you need to make Sobhita win at the Miss Earth 2013 is to vote her, on the Facebook voting app.
Sobhita is contesting for two major contests:

  1. Miss Photogenic title &
  2. Miss Eco-beauty title
To let Sobhita win the title of Miss Photogenic you need to vote here on this given below link.

Miss Earth 2013 app page
Facebook page to enter voting Miss Earth 2013

Official Voting page of Miss Earth 2013

Similarly you can help Sobhita Dhulipala to win for 'Miss Eco-Beauty' title.
You can help her win through this link:

Facebook app to enter the voting page

Here is the official page you would be redirected on clicking the above given Facebook app page .

Miss Eco-Beauty

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