Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kotak jifi only bank which pays for your social interactions

Kotakjifi one of it's first kind of social bank. Only real and existing bank which pays you for your social presence and social activity. The account holder of this account can track and operate the account through social sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Account holder of this jifi bank earns social points for Facebook activities, transaction points for every transaction they do online for purchasing or paying utilities bill through this account. The account holder can redeem these transaction points to buy anything online from many of the available e-commerce sites. 
Currently for opening an account kotak jifi has kept invitation through Facebook and through mail links only, now the prospects are required to self invite themselves through homepage of kotak jifi where they have invitation through either Facebook or through mails.
Kotak jifi account holders can check their account through tweets also. This jifi account is available only to the customers of selected cities right now. For complete list of cities where this jifi account is available you can check on its official website
One of the most striking feature of this jifi account is referral points and reward points, account holders will get reward points for each friend they invite and make them join this jifi account.

Kotak jifi also offering a special platinum debit card to shop and dine, account holders can also have kotak jifi mobile app installed on their mobile which will help them transact directly from their mobiles. 
Another striking feature of kotak jifi other than being it's only social banking account is that it's providing you a current account and if you happen to deposit an amount equal or above Rs. 25000/- you are eligible to get the benefits of term deposits, that is you will be getting interest upon your deposited money.
I would surely recommend this account for everyone because, we get nothing out of our most time spending on social network, but if someone like kotak jifi bank paying you for your social time, it's not a bad idea to have one and what you are losing out of it, “Absolutely Nothing” as this account is “ZERO BALANCE ACCOUNT” so, you have almost nothing to worry, just open an account, keep socialising with your friends and get your bank pay you for it.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Go smarter with these 10 daily habits

How to be smarter with everyday habits. 
1. Try to look for a problem around you and try solving it on your own. Take for example poverty.
2. Read and be aware of your surroundings, read newspapers, find someone knowledgeable to you and discuss on some issues which interest you both.
3. Play smart games be it chess, Sudoku, 2048 scrabble or anything similar.
4. Watch inspiring and learnable videos, subscribe to khan academy, smarterEveryday YouTube channel or many other video sharing sites which has educational forums or knowledge sharing sites, as we learn more by watching and listening than to reading.
5. Read a novel or book in a week, also make a habit of writing a novel or a book.
6. Subscribe to channels or email or newsletters which interests you, like you can subscribe a word a day, I love fucking science on Facebook.
7. Visualise your whole day and try writing the same everyday, this will help you in remembering you learned all day and you will not miss any information.
8. If you happen to find someone who is knowledgeable don't hesitate to approach and talk, we sometime learn from someone much better who we know least.
9. Play devil's advocate, read some topic, chose your own particular opinion and try defending your notion through various facts and stats.
10. Become a good storage house of information, install pocket app on your phone and make a habit of storing any interesting info you get from anywhere and do check it regularly to refresh your knowledge.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

China vs Narendra Modi

Few days back during election period, our present Prime Minister Narendra Modi had stated a line, very much like a lion roar, the statement was "Bharat na ankhen neechi karke baat karega na hi tarer kar, balki Ankhon mein aankhein daal kar". I think the statement was meant for China and Pakistan. 

But for sure China as well as Pakistan didn't take it seriously. And now both started infiltrating inside our territory. Pakistan violated the ceasefire while China is now hovering over Indian territory through choppers and fighter planes. There are also some evidences of their advancement into our territory via rail lines. China deliberately showing a map which includes Arunachal Pradesh as under their political territory and not only that they have included IOK ( Indian occupied Kashmir ) as their part of country.

Now the question arises, what's the next step should be for India.
Shouldn't India give a strong retaliation kind of reply? Shouldn't india raise this issue at United Nation? Shouldn't India stop bilateral agreements till they stop these kind of cheap and coward activities. If either of the nation be it China or Pakistan has guts call for a war, India has never invaded anyone but has never been a coward to step back and couldn't protect its own territory. I think govt should give a very strong retaliation to their cheap advancement.

I have a strong hope with the strong leader like Narendra Modi over this issue. I hope we shouldn't be defamed by these cheap countries at international forums. Something for sure should be done.

"China go back"

Sunday, June 22, 2014

10 steps to reduce inflation in India

Modi Govt vs Inflation.

Now they saying they don't have enough govt reserve to subsidise even the basic items. They can't give subsidy over diesel, LPG, fertilisers and hence they can't control increasing inflation at least for short term they have nothing in their hand to control.
So, here we have collected some advice and suggestions if they could implement.

10 steps to reduce inflation in India.

1. Stop black marketing and hoardings, take strict actions against black marketers.
2. Develop good inventory and release food stock reserves in market and look for fair distribution among needy.
3. Stop giving subsidy to rich farmers who in no terms need subsidy over fertilisers, give subsidy only to them who needs it. This subsidy amounts to around 68000 crore.
4. Why there is a subsidy to crores of rich people who don't need subsidy of Rs 450/-per cylinder. Which causes loss of 56000 crore each year.
5. Implement strict rules to collect taxes, it has been evident that around 15000 crore black money has been stashed away in foreign banks and around 95% of the tax gets delayed or sometimes not got collected from bureaucratese. Stricter rules can help collecting taxes and bring back the black money.
6. And one of the most important step is to stop wasting public money which gets unaccounted over govt offices and administration. Reduce administration expenditure as much as possible.
7. Implement Anna Hazare's Lokpal bill to stop corruption.
8. Rollback the 6.5% of extra freight charges on rail transportation. This going to increase inflation directly by 1 point.
9. Ensure fair leasing of crude oil explorations and don't get biased to bureaucrates over giving lease to them.
10. Implement FDI in retail, that will not only help farmers and direct consumers but also will help in weeding out hoarders and black marketers. This will also increase employment to Lakhs of youths in the country. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Narendra Modi Vs freedom of speech and expression

Not sure why so many students getting arrested for their dissent over Narendra Modi. Are we Indian losing our freedom of speech and freedom of expression after Narendra Modi has been elected the PM of India. Almost daily we are listening one or two people getting arrested over making some remarks against Modi. Our constitution allows us to express our views without any restriction, we Indians have the right to regulate the right to speech and expression, we have the freedom of speech and expression. 

But Ironically i feel, Modi wouldn't have the slightest knowledge over these arrests. I'm very sure Narendra Modi personally feel bad over these arrests and all these arrests some of which may be genuine but some arrest have been made just to defame Modi. Police would be making these arrest under some political pressures and of course BJP or Modi is not at all involved.
I hope Modi will take heed of this issue and will STOP these kind of arrest of innocents and clear out the rumour of Modi being the anti to freedom of Speech and expression.

Don't try to be a prey by believing on any false news or rumours, try investigating over the news before making any convictions. PM Narendra Modi is a sensible citizen and he would never do these silly activities, further he has much more important task to perform than looking over these innocuous dissents. 

A reflex response to the title of this post, which is now a hot discussion over social sites. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Your expectations from our PM Narendra Modi

So mandate came and unanimously the whole nation chose Mr. Narendra Modi to be the Prime Minister of India. 
This post is for all of us to share our opinion and expectations from our very own Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We are here trying to know your opinion for Mr Prime Minister and also would like to know your expectations from our newly elected Prime Minister.
Kindly share through comments, messages, or through our forums what you think about Narendra Modi, would he be able to deliver what he has promised to his electorate? Would he be able to make our nation a developed nation and be able to cherish the dreams of our beloved former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to make India a developed nation by 2020.
Would he be able to stand up to his slogan "Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat", making our nation truly one. 
We also like to hear from you, what you expect from your Prime Minister.

We know the whole nation is having huge expectations from our Prime Minister. 
Be assured we will try our best to make the best of your opinions/expectation reach Prime Minister Office or if possible to the Prime Minister of India. 
Best expectation would be the one which would have been expected from most of our users. 
So go for it and let our Prime Minister know, what the nation wants from him.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sirish Apte has the solution to irrigation problem in India

Sirish Apte of Bhandara village in Maharashtra, an executive engineer by profession reached the state govt of Maharashtra to take over the charge of maintaining Malguzaari.. 
Malguzaari is a small pond surrounded by mud walls, just like tanks. Since 1950 after the abolishment of Zamindari/Malguzaari system these water tanks or Malguzaars got abandoned as the Malguzaars came under state owned areas and govt never paid heed to maintain these. 
Sirish Apte belonging to a Malguzaar family had interest in water conservation approached Supreme Court and asked govt to maintain these Malguzaars as maintaining these Malguzaars can be very helpful to irrigation to nearby areas. 
Sirish in the year 2008 first involved into cleaning and maintaining these tanks, he walled the tanks thick and de-silted the pond by removing fine sands which again were used as fertilisers as these are rich in phosphorous and nitrogen. Sirish for the first time made a Malguzaar in Janbhora village 35 km from Bhandara.
With this the traditional system of irrigation rejuvenated and now proving to be a great solution for the irrigation problem in India.

10 year old cleared class 10 exam in Rajasthan

Abhaas a 10 year old from Durgapura, Rajasthan cleared his 10th class board exam. Rajasthan board of secondary education yesterday declared their exam results for class 10 and Abhaas triumphed to see the results, he scored a whooping 60.87%. Abhaas parents are also in teaching profession and they have been teaching him from very early age seeing his grasping and learn ability quality.

Malavnath Poorna Youngest to climb Mount Everest

Poorna Malavnath from Nalgonda, Darjeeling has become the youngest to climb the 8848 mtr high Mount Everest. Poorna is 13 year old and she with just 8 months of training has been able to reach the top of Mount Everest. 
Poorna is a student of Andhra Pradesh social welfare residential school where she is studying in standard IX. Poorna wants to be an IPS officer in future and seeing her determination and approach it seems Poorna would touch heights in her life too.

Congratulations Poorna Malavnath.

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